Nebulas Weekly Report # 37

Welcome to Nebulas Weekly Report #37, delivering the latest updates and developments on the Nebulas project. This report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or tweet us @nebulasio.

Last week’s dynamic summary

Week 7 Winners of Nebulas Incentive Program

Last Tuesday, the judging panel selected the winners of Week 7 Nebulas Incentive Program. SiZhu won the weekly champion award, with 24762 votes, and will receive a 10,000 NAS reward. SiZhu is a content ecosystem platform integrated with frontier science and technology information, excellent DApps of the Nebulas Incentive Program, task-mining rankings (where users receive tokens for finishing specific tasks), etc. Learn more.

Week 8 Nominations for Best Dapps and Super Contributors of Nebulas Incentive Program

Also on Tuesday, the Nebulas team announced the nominations for the best DApps as well as the 20 Super Contributors of Week 8. The reward distribution for the Super Contributors of Week 7 was also publicized. Super contributors please cast your votes on the best DApps of Week 8 before the midnight on July 10, or you won’t be eligible to receive your NAS rewards!

Learn more:
about nominations for best dapps
about super contributors

Official Interpretation of the Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper

On June 30, the Nebulas research team released Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper. To help readers understand the Yellow Paper, we released the official interpretation and an article published by Dr. Tang, who authored the Yellow Paper.

For more information: Official Interpretation of Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper

Hashfuture joins the Atlas Protocol Ecosystem

Last week, Hashfuture announced a partnership with Atlas Protocol to jointly build the ATP ecosystem. Hashfuture aims to build a new blockchain platform for digital asset transaction, and its first application gained more than one million users.

Google Advertising Pioneer Joins ATP as an Advisor

More good news for ATP. on July 4, ATP Zhe Zhou, one of the first engineers to work on Google’s advertising system, announced he would be joining the ATP project as an adviser.

Nebulas Head of BD attended Asia Blockchain Summit

On July 2- July 3, the 2018 Asia Blockchain Summit was held in Taipei. Nebulas head of BD Lei Han attended the summit.

Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong Was Invited to TechCrunch 2018 Hangzhou Summit

On July 2, the TechCrunch 2018 Hangzhou summit opened in Hangzhou. During the specialized blockchain segment, Nebulas co-founder and CTO Robin Zhong elaborated on the design of the Nebulas Incentive Program.

Nebulas COO Aero Wang Invited as a Guest in the “ Blockchain Live Marathon”

The “Blockchain Live Marathon” organized by Udacity ran from July 2 to July 6. Nebulas COO and co-founder Aero Wang shared his opinions about the relationship between blockchain and internet, with thousands of viewers watching and interacting with him through the live broadcast.

Youtube Live AMA with Nebulas Chief Core Developer Roy Shang

At noon on July 4, the chief core developer of Nebulas conducted a technical live AMA on Youtube. He mainly introduced the unique features of Nebulas in deploying smart contracts and also answered some questions from developers.

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

Mainnet Development Progress

Last week we focused on the test of Go-Nebulas v1.1.0. In this version, the inter-contract call function will be released and we continued to test the function from four aspects: functionality, performance, stability and security. And the v1.1.0 inner transaction feature is scheduled to be available shortly. Stay tuned.

Incentive Program (TODO Specific Data)

Since the sixth week of NIP, we launched the super contributor program of NIP. Participants need to invite developers via the registration code got from registering in, and the top 20 referrers can become super contributors and join the judging panel to select the weekly excellent DApps. Find super contributors rank here.

Moreover, community members have further developed the official web-wallet into a cross-platform wallet based on Electron technology. The wallet supports “Generate new Nebulas wallet”, “Send transaction”, “Offline signature”, “View wallet information”, “View transaction information”, “Deploy/call contract”, “Switch network”, “Manage local node” , “Save private key information” and other functions. On a private computer, the cross-platform wallet is more convenient to use than the web version. Come and have a try.

Multi-language SDK

In order to meet the needs of developers on different platforms, our JS/Java/PHP/Python/Android/iOS and other versions of the SDK are officially released, welcome to use and offer valuable suggestions. The NET versions of the SDK were added this week, while bugs in some of the SDK were fixed. Learn more.

Community development

We are applying to create the Nebulas site on StackExchange in order to help developers to communicate more effectively. Currently, we’re at the stage of collecting commitments. Welcome to join us!


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