Nebulas Weekly Report #4 Nov 13th, 2017

Welcome to the #4 of Nebulas Weekly Report, delivering developments in Nebulas projects. 
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THIS WEEK’S News and Reports

Hitters Xu at Columbia University

Nov 9th, Columbia University, New York / Nebulas Meetup

It’s the first time for Nebulas to make a public meetup in New York. Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu made a speech: Blockchain Search Engine, Discover New Value of the Blockchain World. Many Columbia University students and people who are interested in Blockchain came that night. From Silicon Valley to New York, we met various users with pleasure. We’d like to share with people, welcome to build the Nebulas Community with us.

Columbia Blockchain Lab organized this meetup and The Lion Network co-sponsored it.

THIS WEEK’S Top commits

We started the development of v0.4.0 this week. We have updated the V8 Engine to 6.2.414.40, which is used by the stable version of chrome. We were progressively improving the compilation and function interfaces of NVM. At the same time, we implemented neb.js, which is used by web & console and we completed interactive javascript console.

We also discussed & designed the implementation of PoD. Fixed some bugs.


  • Upgrade V8 Engine to 6.2.414.40, stable version of chrome 62.0.3202.89.
  • Implemented the Module/1.1.1 standard of CommonJS in V8.
  • Fixed memory leak issue and some V8 Engine crash bugs.

P2P Network

  • Fixed sync block in disk storage issue and some other sync bugs.


  • Added nodeInfo and TransactionReceipt gRPC API.
  • Implemented management gRPC API to HTTP.


  • Discussed & designed the implementation of PoD.


  • Implemented JavaScript lib neb.js ,which is used by web & console.
  • Implemented javascript based REPL to Neb console application.

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