Nebulas Weekly Report #42

Welcome to Nebulas Weekly Report #42, delivering the latest updates and developments on the Nebulas project. This report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or tweet us @nebulasio.

Last Week’s Dynamic Summary

Announcing the Adjustment of Reserved NAS Distribution to the Nebulas Team

On August 8, 2018, Nebulas announced the adjustment of reserved NAS distribution to the Nebulas team, and would fully promote transparency, standardization and communitization of the project assets management. Nebulas team will continue upholding our initial intention forging ahead, and will work together with the community to build a incentive positive, and prosperous Nebulas ecosystem. Learn more.

Dr. Yulong Zeng from Nebulas Research Institute was Invited to Attend the 7th China Conference on Data Mining (CCDM)

The 7th China Conference on Data Mining (CCDM) was held in Jinan, Shandong Province between August 4 and 9. Dr. Yulong Zeng, member of Nebulas Research Institute, was invited to attend this conference. Dr. Zeng also attended the fifth Workshop on Cooperative Control and Multi-Agent Systems. During the conference, he introduced his research about Game Theory, which will promote Nebulas NI research.

Nebulas Weekly AMA will be regularly updated on Medium Blog

To better communicate with the community, Nebulas is doing a weekly question and answer session. The top 10 questions that receive the most upvotes will be answered weekly. Learn more.

Last week’s Top Commits

Nebulas Mainnet Development

Last week we did a security-related upgrade and a serious of internal tests to the mainnet. We also began a new round of security audit plan to ensure the safety and stability of mainnet.

Explorer Update

Last week, we have preliminary completed the optimization and upgrade of Explorer, reconstructed the data synchronization process, added transaction event, the record and display of transaction within contract, which is currently being coordinated.


About Nebulas

1. Value Ranking

To enable value discovery in blockchain, Nebulas Rank measures multidimensional data in the blockchain world and powers the decentralized search framework.

2. Self-evolution

To avoid the damage caused by forking to the blockchain, Nebulas Force enables rapid iteration and upgradability to its blockchain without the need for hard forks.

3. Native incentives

With forward-looking incentive and consensus mechanisms, the Nebulas Incentive rewards developers and users who contribute to the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.

About the Nebula 1.0 Eagle Nebula Mainnet

The Nebula 1.0 Eagle Nebula mainnet has all the features of Ethereum and surpasses the second-generation blockchain in several ways:

· Nebulas is developer-friendly and supports the use of JavaScript to write smart contracts and DApps, making it easier for anyone to get started building in blockchain;

· Nebulas is the only blockchain that implements the world-renown LLVM compiler, features superior performance through concurrent technology, with a transaction processing capability of 2000TPS;

· Nebulas is more secure, stable, and has strong expandability. It also provides novel measures to invoke smart contracts and upgrade protocols.

Learn more about Nebulas:

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Twitter: @nebulasio