Nebulas Weekly Report #7 Dec 4, 2017

Welcome to the #7 of Nebulas Weekly Report!
Delivering developments in Nebulas projects. 
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LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

Nebulas Token Exchange Program with Bonus is ending soon!

Don’t miss the last chance to participate in Nebulas Token Exchange Program with Bonus Program. It’ll end at 00:00 Dec 5, 2017 (UTC-08:00, PST). After this program, exchange for mainnet NAS tokens will only be carried out on a 1:1 basis.

Do not send NAS tokens after the allocated time period. If you send NAS out of the specified period, Nebulas will not be responsible for any loss.

If you have encountered any issues regarding the transfer, drop us a message in our telegram group at:

Nebulas is going worldwide with its new logo!

Nebulas logo and website was launched on Dec 3, 2017. Our other online social platforms will also be upgraded in due time.


After making Nebulas presence felt in BlockShow Asia, Hitters went on to Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Guangzhou before hosting a meetup in Shenzhen to present on Nebulas, where he was greeted with overwhelming greetings in both locations.

Nov 29 ~ Nov 30 / Singapore / BlockShow Asia 2017

Nebulas participated in an event organized by The CoinTelegraph, BlockShow Asia, unveiling its brand new logo for the first time on this international stage. Jackie Lim, Community Strategist, represented Nebulas for this event, participating in a panel discussion and interacted with the greater blockchain community present.

Dec 2 / Guangzhou / Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

Hitters sharing session with the attendees at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Guangzhou

After a successful session in New york on Dec 8, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in Guangzhou organised a Fintech meetup session on Dec 2 with Hitters as a speaker once again, touching on the topic of “Blockchain x Fintech Leading to the future”. This event attracted an overwhelming of crowd to the event, with Hitters sharing on the concept of “The world of Blockchains and how it should be valued”, Nebulas vision and framework, and his view on blockchain technology.

Other speakers included Professor Cao Huining from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and Ted Que from New China Life Insurance Online, who also shared on the usage and challenges of blockchain in finance.

Dec 3 / Shenzhen / Nebulas Meetup Session

After Silicon Valley, New York, Singapore and Guangzhou, Nebulas has finally reached Shenzhen. With a limit of 200 attendees, tickets were sold out within hours of launch.

Overwhelming turn up in Shenzhen meetup
Hitters Sharing

This meetup was sponsored by Nebulas, co-organized by Guest speakers include Hitters Xu from Nebulas and Wang Xiao Ming from HPB (CORE CHAIN), with both of them sharing exciting insights and the technological advancement into the blockchain industry.

Wang Xiao Ming from HPB (CORE CHAIN) sharing on his blockchain project.
Hitters sharing on Nebulas Rank which is used to rank addresses, smart contracts, DApps and other entities on the blockchain.
Hitters sharing on Nebulas Force. With Nebulas Force developers are able to make changes, incorporate new technologies, and fix bugs without needing to hard fork.

After the sharing session, attendees engaged in a long Q&A session with Hitters, with questions surrounding the launch of test net, it’s current stage of technical development of blockchain.

Hitters interacting with the crowd
Attendees staying behind after the sharing session for more Q&A with Hitters

With our token sales approaching. Nebulas will be conducting more sessions of such in the following month. Stay tuned to our weekly news and if you want us in person to conduct a sharing session, reach out to us!

Nebulas team officially welcomes you to reach for the stars with us!

THIS WEEK’S Top Commits

In our continuous effort to improve the stability of Nebulas, last week we managed to provide a step-by-step tutorial. The tutorial will guide you through the whole process of building and installing Nebulas, sending transactions, as well as writing, deploying and calling a smart contract.

We also launched an integration testing framework named NebTestKit, which can help to send a transaction, deploy & call a smart contract more easily.

• Updated function checker when a smart contract is calling
• Improved stability

• Implemented an integration testing framework

• Nebulas Installation
• Send Transactions in Nebulas
• Write a smart contract in Nebulas
• Dive into the contract storage
• Interact with Nebulas via RPC

• Started the development of DPos algorithm in a new feature branch

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