Nebulas Weekly Report #77: Community governance is coming!

Nebulas Community Group (community consultation draft)

With on-chain community governance approaching, we released the initial draft of the guidelines for the Nebulas Community Groups. This draft includes information such as council formation, rewards, election method, office terms, requirements and much more. If you have not yet read the draft, be sure to read it today and learn more about the future of community organization.

We also invite you to share your opinions about the draft on our community forum at:

Together, Let’s Decide The Future of the Nebulas Ecosystem

Nebulas sincerely invites each and every community member to participate in this transformation and to jointly decide the future of the Nebulas ecosystem!

To facilitate on-chain community voting, Nebulas will be airdropping a voting token called NAT to Nebulas mainnet addresses. More details about the airdrop will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

The Voice of Blockchain: Presented by Nebulas & The Public Chain Technology Alliance

It’s time to stand up and be a voice of blockchain! In partnership with the Public Chain Technical Alliance and media members, Nebulas wants to inspire all to be a powerful voice within the blockchain community.

The most influential voices on the topic of “ Cooperation, Governance, Development” will be selected and be included into the genesis collection about cooperative community organization within blockchain. In addition, community members may also receive NAS rewards for their hard work!

Don’t wait and read more about this project today!

Nebulas AMA with Co-Founder Aero Wang Recap

On April 8th 2019, Nebulas co-founder Aero Wang sat to talk to the community and answered many questions via the Nebulas English Telegram channel.

During this AMA, community members had the opportunity to ask anything related to Nebulas — including Nebulas NOVA, Go Nebulas, community governance and much more!

If you missed the AMA, be sure to checkout the recap below:

Ruby, Director of Nebulas Ecosystem Development, attended the first EEA China Blockchain Closed Seminar

On April 12th, the first EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) China blockchain closed-door seminar was successfully held in Beijing. Ruby attended the closed-door seminar to introduce Nebulas and the upcoming Nebulas NOVA to nearly 20 institutions and business representatives. The seminar included members from the Public Chain Technology Alliance, Wanchain, RTrade, and IDHub and more. EEA Executive Director, Ron Resnick sent a congratulatory message to the EEA members for their first seminar in Asia; hoping to use this as an opportunity to establish and build the standards to empower global companies.

The Third Winners of Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program!

The Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program has been progressing and we are happy to announce the third set of winners. Congrats and thank you to all who participated!

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