Nebulas Weekly Report #8 Dec 11, 2017

Welcome to the #8 of Nebulas Weekly Report!
Delivering developments in Nebulas projects. 
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LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

◢ NAS Token Exchange With Bonus Program a Complete Success

To give back to the Nebulas community and protect the interests of Nebulas supporters, Nebulas launched a Nebulas Token Exchange with Bonus Program starting from 3:00 a.m., November 25th. Last week the program was completed with a great success. Of the 5 million Nebulas tokens circulating in the community, 4,494,378 NAS tokens have been sent to our official wallet address and locked up.

The fact that nearly 90% of the tokens have been sent back showed the high degree of consensus of the Nebulas community.

◥Community Meetups

After meetups in Silicon Valley, New York, Singapore and Shenzhen, Nebulas went on to hold two more in Shanghai and Beijing on December 9 and 10 respectively, with both event venues packed with interactive audience.

Dec 9 / Shanghai / Nebulas Meetup Session

Nebulas Shanghai Meetup

The Shanghai meetup on December 9 was organized by Nebulas with the support of, a digital asset exchange. Hitters Xu, founder of Nebulas, gave a talk titled From the First Blockchain in China to Nebulas, in which he shared his personal insights of blockchain technology and introduced the audience to the concepts and structure of Nebulas.

Hitters Xu, founder of Nebulas, giving a talk

We are also glad to have had He Wei, Director of Operations at Lbank at the Shanghai meetup. His spoke on Blockchain Technology in Risk Asset Management.

In the Q&A session afterwards, Sun Ming, a lawyer who specialized in blockchain subject matter within China, made an appearance to answer questions from the crowd, together with Hitters and He Wei. Together they explored on how Nebulas can provide incentives to the developers and everyone else through decentralized collaboration. Hitters and He Wei also announced at the meetup that NAS tokens will be listed on Lbank and Huobi.

Hitters Xu, Sun Ming and He Wei answering questions from the crowd

Many long-time supporters of Nebulas were present at the meetup. One had even participated in five different Nebulas events altogether.

Hitters Xu answering the crowds’ questions

This event has been recorded and will be uploaded to our YouTube channel with subtitles soon. Stay tuned!

Dec 10 / Beijing / Nebulas Meetup Session

Hitters Xu at Beijing Meetup

Another meetup was held in Beijing on December 10 at Plug and Play. Hitters speech on From the First Blockchain in China to Nebulas was well-received by the audience.

A packed meetup venue

The Beijing meetup was organized by Nebulas, supported by GIFTO, whose founders were both ex-Googlers. Hitters was originally from Google Search & Anti-Fraud team while Andy was a former senior executive at Google.

THIS WEEK’S Top Commits

This week we are still continuing to improve the stability of Nebulas. Besides, we started preparing testnet environment, including monitoring & management tools. And in our wiki repo, we also released more tutorials to help developers to get start easier.

Summary this week is as following,


  • Improved stability;
  • Charge gas from txs with wrong args or insufficient gaslimit;


  • Improved stability;


  • Refined wiki
  • Added more tutorials


  • Added more metrics.


  • Added more commands.


  • Implemented an executable DPos in feature/dpos branch.


  • Started preparing testnet environment.


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