Nebulas Weekly Report #9 Dec 18, 2017

Welcome to the #9 of Nebulas Weekly Report!
Delivering developments in Nebulas projects. 
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LAST WEEK’S News and Reports

◢ Hard Cap Has Reached

Since December 1, 2017 when the pre-sale started, we’ve had greater-than-expected interest from the community. By 00:00am EST, December 16 we’ve hit the hard cap of USD 60 million. The pre-sale closed earlier than expected.

We will contact all the successful participants of the pre-sale to confirm the wallet address and distribute NAS tokens. NAS will be listed on Huobi, Allcoin, Bcex and Lbank in the first half of January, with potentially many more major exchanges to come.

◥ Tsinghua University Talks Well-received

On December 14th, last Thursday, Nebulas CEO Hitters Xu and CTO Robin Zhu were in Tsinghua University at another Nebulas meetup to give talks and answer questions from Tsinghua Students. Hitters gave a talk entitled From the First Blockchain in China to Nebulas, in which he shared his personal insights of blockchain technology and introduced to the audience the concepts and structure of Nebulas while Robin explained from a technical angle the innovations of Nebulas.

Nebulas CEO Hitters Xu giving a talk in Tsinghua University

The purpose of Nebulas’s meetup on Tsinghua campus where many great future talents are, is to help more future talents to understand the importance of blockchain technology and become part of it. Hitters said, “The blockchain industry is one with great value but not enough talents. We hope to make more people believers in blockchain industry and contribute to the great blockchain revolution.”

Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong explaining Nebulas Force in Tsinghua University
Robin and Hitters answering questions from the students

LAST WEEK’S Top Commits

This week we continued to improve the stability of Nebulas to get ready for the mainnet launch. Apart from necessary improvement of some functions and debugging. Besides, we implemented DPoS consensus algorithm, defined the gas price matrix. And we also added the event functionality, both developers and users can get to know when the transaction is submitted on chain and when it’s done.

Summary this week is as below:


  • Implemented DPoS consensus algorithm.
  • Add genesis block config.
  • Added event functionality.


  • Defined the gas price matrix.
  • Added event functionality in NVM.


  • Added more rpc interface.
  • Added server push RPC API.


  • Added crash reporter.
  • Added write log to file.

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