Nebulas Community Dynamics #43

Welcome to Nebulas Weekly Report #43, delivering the latest updates on the Nebulas project. This report is maintained by the Nebulas team. Please send feedback to, or tweet us @nebulasio.

Notes: To facilitate community members, Nebulas team has adjusted the weekly report, breaking it into community dynamics and development updates. The two parts will be alternately released on a weekly basis.

Community dynamics

Nebulas Inter-contract Call Function Starts Open Beta

On August 16, Nebulas team released instructions for the inter-contract call function and also began to collect queries from community. This function has been long expected by the community, and community members are invited to put forward questions as well as suggestions. We will publish the AMA recap within this week. Please stay tuned.

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Nebulas Featured on Coindesk

Last week, the world-renowned cryptocurrency media site coindesk released the interview article of Nebulas. Coindesk spoke highly of Nebulas Incentive Program Season 1 and they also noticed the announcement regarding the adjustment of reserved NAS distribution to the Nebulas team. Nebulas Founder Hitters Xu and Marketing Director Becky Lu attended the interview and shared Nebulas’ vision with coindesk.

Nebulas Head of BD Attended the Interview with Blockchain Media

Last week, Nebulas Head of Business Development Lei Han attended the interview with a We media site which focuses on blockchain games. During the interview, Han started from his personal experience and gave a detailed explanation of Nebulas’ plans as well as vision in the blockchain game field.

Postdoctoral Jinbo Zhang from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University Joined Nebulas Research Institute

On August 17, postdoctoral Jinbo Zhang from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University joined Nebulas Research Institute as a visiting scholar. Dr. Zhang graduated from the Department of Intelligence Science at Peking University’s Institute of Information Science and Technology. His main research field is in-depth structured study. He has published more than 10 papers during his Ph.D, including 2 papers of CCF A class, which were mentioned hundreds of times in Google citations, 4 patents in blockchain field as well as 1 book.

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