Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program

The Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program is designed to encourage and reward community members who volunteer to participate in writing, maintaining and improving the Nebulas Wiki. The Nebulas ecosystem development depends on the joint efforts of all community members. Community members who contribute to the Nebulas Wiki deserve a NAS bounty. This program will serve as to continuously improve the quality of the Nebulas Wiki and to promote healthy development of the Nebulas ecosystem. This program is organized and implemented by the Nebulas Technical Committee (NTC), with participation from the Nebulas team and community members.

Wiki Bounty Range
All community contributors who create or modify content to the Nebulas Wiki column via GitHub, submit the content and have it successfully complete the auditing process will have the opportunity to receive a NAS bounty. Participants can contribute, including but not limited to:

  1. New Wiki content, including new Wiki categories, technical documents, educational materials, promotional materials, relevant external links, etc.
  2. Editors to modify existing content;
  3. Create Wiki content in different languages (such as Japanese, German, etc.).

Wiki Contributors Selection and Prizes

  1. For the first season of the Wiki Bounty Program, a bounty cycle is set tentatively as one (calendar) month. During the first week of each month, the statistics of the previous month’s Wiki content (using Github’s own statistical tools since results are publicly available) will be audited;
  2. Within one month, community contributors who successfully submitted Wiki content have the opportunity to receive a NAS bounty. Ranked according to the quality and quantity of submitted content, 10 Wiki contributors will be selected. The top contributor is selected by the Nebulas Technical Committee, and receives the “Most Outstanding Contributor Award”, and the remaining 9 based on the statistics will each receive a “Wiki Contributor Award.
  3. The bounty distribution is as such:
  • Most Outstanding Contributor Award: 1 prize, 100 NAS;
  • Wiki Contributor Award: 9 prizes, 10 NAS per person;
  • Participation Award: a total amount of 50 NAS, divided by all community members who participated and contributed to the Nebulas Wiki in one month;
  • The total monthly wiki bounty award pool is 100+9*10+50=240 NAS. If the number of participants are less than 10, the remaining bounty will go to the Nebulas Ecosystem Fund.

For example:
If 20 people participate in the Wiki contribution in the month, then one person will receive the Most Outstanding Contributor Award of 100 NAS; 9 people will receive the Wiki Contributor Award of 10 NAS each; and all 20 participants will receive the Participation Award of 2.5NAS (50/20= 2.5), ie:
1 Most Outstanding Contributor, bounty amount : 102.5 NAS (100+2.5);
9 Wiki Contributors, bounty amount : 12.5 NAS per person (10+2.5);
10 other participants, bounty amount : 2.5 NAS per person.

Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program post


  • Like many open source technology communities, the Nebulas Wiki depends on voluntary contribution from community members based on their skills and interests. The Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program is designed to encourage and reward those who contribute to the community.
  • We hope that Nebulas Wiki authors will continue to contribute based on their interests and recognition of Nebulas, rather than simply gaining profit. Therefore, this program is meant to encourage and reward the participants; it’s not a quantitative feedback of their contribution.


The Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program will be long-term. The Nebulas Technical Committee reserves the right to final interpretation of this program, and the rights to adjust or cancel the reward scope, eligibility and amount.

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