Nebulers are all over the world!

On the October 31, Nebulas Research Institute published the Nebulas Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol, which is one of the significant step of Nebulas NOVA.

In order to let more people know about Nebulas NOVA and get deep comprehension of Developer Incentive Protocol(DIP), we hosted the Mauve Paper Reading Activity, and we got great respond from the community all over the world.

We received almost 4,000 LIKES from China, Vietnam, United States, Korea, Portugal, Russia and Ukraine.

Chinese community
English Community
Korean community

We prepared lots of gifts for the members who had good performance in the reading activity.

The gifts had already sent. Don`t forget to check your mailbox in the next several days! The surprises are on the way to your houses!

Nebulas Research Institute had published the Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper on June and Nebulas Developer Incentive Protocol Mauve Paper, which are the two milestone of Nebulas NOVA that we will release in the end of 2018. In the next several weeks, we will have more activities. Welcome more community members partake in it and let`s look forward the birth of Nebulas NOVA while learning more about it!

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