New Pricing Rules for NAS Pre-Sale Early Bird Participants

The NAS Token Pre-Sale is still in the early bird period, which will end at 00:00, December 16th EST.

The original rules for pricing is as follows:

1 NAS = USD$2, priced in USD, settlement by ETH. The dollar amount of ETH settlement price is updated everyday at 6am EST based on

The price of ETH has been highly volatile recently, with daily price hike as much as 22%. To protect the interests of our community members, Nebulas foundation hereby announce that:

  1. Nebulas will make settlements with all the early bird pre-sale participants according to the highest ETH price at 6:00am EST during the early bird period. This means that the settlement price will be the highest ETH price collected between December 1st and December 15th.

The final settlement price will be announced after the early bird period.

ETH Prices Collected Everyday:

2. The early bird bonus percentages will remain the same. Thus, early bird participants will receive more NAS tokens as rewards.

3. After the early bird period, the pricing rules will be reverted to the original one, which means, the settlement price will be recalculated every day at 6am EST.

Thank you again for your support! For more information about the pre-sale, please visit:

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