Next month: Nebulas to host its first workshops and hackathons in the US, and attend Consensus 2018 in New York City

Nebulas will host its first American workshop in Boston in May, attend the Consensus blockchain conference in New York City. At Consensus, we will also host our first hackathon to introduce the Nebulas technology to the blockchain community and invite more developers to join and contribute to our platform. The specific arrangements are as follows:

On May 10, Nebulas will host its first US-based developer workshop at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA, with Nebulas CTO Robin Zhong on-site to explain the fundamentals of our blockchain and smart contract platform. The schedule of activities is as follows:

18:00–19:00 : Nebulas introduction

19:00–21:00 : A quick start guide to building on Nebulas

1. Install and operate the mainnet

2. Send transactions

3. Deploy and call contracts

4. Develop a Dapp

5. Submit your Dapp to the testnet and mainnet

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On May 12–13, Nebulas will attend the Consensus 2018 conference in New York City, where we will host a hackathon to showcase our technology.

Consensus, a global event on blockchain hosted by the renowned blockchain industry media Coindesk, will be held in New York from May 14 to 16 local time. Nebulas is one of the sponsors of the event and will host a hackathon in the days leading up to the conference, on May 12–13 local time. As a hackathon host, Nebulas will introduce a challenge for developers to tackle using blockchain.

Consensus 2018, with more than 250 speakers and 4,000 participants, is one of the most important conferences in the blockchain industry. Nebulas will also host its first hackathon in the US. Technology enthusiasts and developer teams are encouraged to participate in this hackathon. We look forward to building on the Nebulas mainnet with you so that you can experience our developer-friendly philosophy first-hand!

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About Nebulas: Nebulas is a next-generation blockchain development, deployment, and discovery platform. The ecosystem consists of three central elements: 1) Nebulas Rank (NR), which measures and ranks the utility of all blockchain entities and powers the Nebulas search framework; 2) the Native Incentive (NI), which rewards the developers and users who bolster the Nebulas blockchain; and 3) Nebulas Force, which proposes a novel community-led governance model and upgradability feature for blockchain.

Nebulas Mainnet 1.0 Eagle Nebula:

1. Supports using JavaScript to write smart contract (developer-friendly)

2. Fast block synchronization

3. Optimized storage and concurrency mechanism and meets the precondition of high TPS

Learn more about Nebulas:

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Twitter: @nebulasio