nextDAO Cross-Chain Asset Conversion Link and Decentralized Conversion Swap Details!

Nov 5, 2020 · 2 min read

Cross-Chain Asset Conversion Link.nextDAO and Decentralized Conversion of Swap.nextDAO Public Testing Begins Today’s on the Nebulas and Ethereum testnets. Start by visiting:

Cross-chain asset conversion Link.nextDAO

Cross-Chain Asset Translation Link.nextDAO:

Open source contract code:

  • Enables conversion of ERC20 token to NRC20 token on Nebulas
  • Enables reverse conversion of NRC20 token to ERC20 token on Ethereum
  • Supports Ethereum and Nebulas address exchange requests

Support assets during testing:

  • USDT (Ethereum kovan testnet)
  • nUSDT (Nebulas testnet)

Decentralized conversion via Swap.nextDAO

Decentralized conversion via Swap.nextDAO address:

Open source contract code:

Available Beta Features:

  • Swap: Flash Exchange Service of tokens on to the Nebulas Blockchain
  • Send: Allows users to directly complete the conversion of the Nebulas token within one transaction and send the converted token to a specified address
  • Funds pool: Allows users to provide liquidity to asset pairs and enables liquidity removal at any time

Supported Nebulas Currency During Testing:

  • NAS
  • NAX
  • nUSDT

Transaction pairs supported during testing:


For the test steps, please read the following:

Community testing will be maintained for no less than 1 week. During this time, community members can submit bugs to receive Bug Bounty awards. We welcome active participation and community discussions/suggestions.

You can also submit bugs and send suggestions on Discord ( via the #Bug-bounty channel.

At the same time of the public beta test, contract audits are in progress. The Link and Swap services will officially be released on the mainnet after passing the public test and obtaining the audit report which is expected to occur this month.

Nebulas Foundation
November 4, 2020

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Node Platform:
Smart asset platform nextDAO:
Nebulas Wiki:

Community Groups:
Discord server:
Telegram Node Operating Group:
Community Forum:

Social Media:


Nebulas is an autonomous metanet.

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