NextDAO Link and Swap Project Announcements

Sep 30, 2020 · 3 min read
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In line with the DeFi roadmap for the second half of 2020, Nebula Cross-Linked Asset Service, Link.nextDAO and Decentralized Swap Exchange Transaction Service Swap.nextDAO will be moved to an October launch due to changes in development and testing plans.

Development progress

Link’s intelligent contract code on Ethereum and Nebulas networks have been mostly stable. The front-end, contract development and debugging has been mostly completed and is in the final internal testing stage. Swap’s Smart Contract code is complete and the front-end debugging and verification is in progress, and is about to enter the internal testing phase.

Link.nextDAO Beta Feature:

  • Supports converting USDT on Ethereum into nUSDT on the Nebulas blockchain;
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Swap.nextDAO Beta Feature:
Swap.nextDAO is an AMM-based (automated market maker) decentralized exchange on the Nebulas mainnet.

  • The automatic market making model based on AMM allows users to deposit money to provide liquidity;

DeFi Ecosystem Companion Product Upgrade:

  • Nebulas’ Chrome browser plug-in and NAS nano Pro wallet UI to query and manage new currencies;

Audit plan

DeFi products involve asset security, must ensure the security and stability of intelligent contracts, avoid contract attacks, contract loopholes allowing for stealing of currency, etc…, need extensive testing on the testnet to ensure the avoidance of logical loopholes in the contracts and at the same time, to conduct professional independent audits of the contract code. After a formal contract audit is completed and an audit report is obtained indicating no security issues, the project will be officially released to the mainnet.

The release plan is as follows:

  • Publish all open source smart contracts to Github for review by an independent audit firm;

Campaign Preview

To thank the community for its support for Nebula, users who are the first to experience the new product will receive benefits from Early Bird when it comes to the main network.

  • Early adopter benefit I: Link conversion will be free of charge
    During the period leading to the official launch of the lending products, the conversion from Ethereum USDT to Nebulas nUSDT through Link is fully free of charge.

Nebulas Foundation
September 30, 2020

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Node Platform:
Smart asset platform nextDAO:
New Telegram(EN):
Telegram Node Operating Group:
Community Forum:


Nebulas is an autonomous metanet.

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