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Node application for the community now open with over 64 million NAX votes in the first day!

On April 6th at 2:30p.m. (Beijing Time), the Nebulas Voyager node application opened to the community! In less than 24 hours, 50 nodes have joined the mainnet with a total of 1 million NAS pledged from the node operators and over 64 million NAX staked to nodes.

Most of the nodes that participated in the testnet are now live on the mainnet. This includes professional mining and staking platforms such as InfStones, Allnodes, Wetez, StackOfStake, SNZPool and more! In addition, the Blockchain Technology Community University (BTCU), Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA), Nebulas ecosystem project Atlas Protocol (ATP) and many community individuals are also operating nodes.

How do I operate a node?

During an average month, the top nodes are expected to receive 3,307–9,920 of NAS incentives plus an additional 816 NAS in governance incentives for those that participate in governance cycles. With this in mind, it’s possible to receive over 10,000 NAS per month by operating a top node.

Any community member and team can participate in the operation of a node by clicking “Apply for node” on the upper right at

To participate, you need to operate a server in a data center that meets the minimum requirements, install all required software, pledge 20,000 NAS and have a minimum of 100,000 NAX staked. For specific steps see Node Platform Help document.

How do community members support nodes?

By using NAX, the community can support the operation and rank of a node. Many nodes have begun a profit sharing program where based on how much NAX is staked towards a node, the node operator distributes a portion of the generated NAS incentives. At present, MRH2, Allnodes, StackOfStake and other nodes have launched a profit sharing program and all are welcome to participate. The Nebulas Foundation will also launch a joint node program in the future where all community members can participate in pledging NAS.

To participate in staking NAX towards nodes, be sure you have upgraded your official Nebulas wallet to the latest version. Detailed voting procedures can be found in Chapter 4: Node Platform Help document.

What makes the Nebulas Node Program Unique?

The Nebulas node program is opening a new decentralized collaborative approach.The PoD mechanism is built on the basis of the contribution size from the community and is a novel method for decentralized collaboration. This approach is realized via the NAX generation mechanism that utilized decentralized staking (dStaking) of the asset holder.

The contribution based governance mechanism is reflected via nodes that contributed the most during a consensus cycle. Those nodes can participate in the decision making process via the community collaboration platform.

Recently, the current node operators participated in a Chinese meeting on March 31st and a English meeting on April 1st which discussed alternative strategies for the node penalty mechanism. We welcome more node operators to participate in future meetings.

For more details about Nebulas’ PoD program, read the whitepaper at

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