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PoD governance vote follow-up: 42% of proposals have been completed and four bounties are open!

The second mainnet PoD governance vote ended on June 3rd and in total, there were 3 proposals and 2 node claims approved.

In addition to the 17 proposals and 5 nodes claims approved by the first PoD governance vote, and 4 proposals passed by the testnet governance vote, the PoD governance system has approved a total of 24 proposals and 7 nodes claims.

Let’s take a look at the status of all approved proposals:

42% of all proposals have been completed

As of today, 42% of the proposals and node claims have been completed. Please review the summary of the PoD governance voting progress in the following spreadsheet:

The first testnet PoD governance vote — voting deadline of March 12

The first mainnet PoD governance vote — voting deadline of May 4

The second mainnet PoD governance vote — voting deadline of June 3

Through the process of community proposals, node operator meeting, and PoD governance voting process, PoD block generation penalties rules have been adjusted. The nodes with medium and high-security levels have new buffer of 200 polling cycles time before deposits are frozen.

In addition, the formation and responsibilities of Nebulas Technical Committees were also approved through PoD governance voting and officially launched in this governance cycle.

5 projects in progress

Five proposals are in progress. Among them, three of them are related to adjustments to the node functionality which includes a proposal to not calculate the abstain into the overall calculation, the initial block stability index of the node will be modified to start at the upper limit of “1” and there will be a random lucky node when selecting consensus nodes. These modifications will be completed before the next governance cycle and will be live around June 28th.

In addition, the node monitoring service is being developed by the sponsor and the Nebulas outreach program will be completed in July.

Nine of the approved proposals are for existing Nebulas products and are in the follow-up plan. These improvements will be released with the new versions of NAS nano Pro, Go.nebulas, and Node.nebulas. The specific release plan will be published in a future announced.

4 bounties are open for claims

There are currently 4 bounties open, community members are welcome to claim:

Three bounties for content writing and translation:

  • NP292-Bihu articles promotion: 80USDT/1000 words
  • NP291-Medium articles promotion: 100USDT/1000 words
  • NP290-Official website Korean translation: 40USDT/1000 words

One development bounty:

  • NP293-Godot game engine plugin integration: 2000USDT
    Godot is a open-source, game engine with rich documentation, which is in line with the concept of co-building Nebulas open source. Nebulas is looking for a developer to complete a SDK development package and write basic documentation .

2 pending proposals

  • NIP200-NAX community promotion and content creation plan will start this month, so stay tuned.
  • NIP188-The development scale of the video platform development is a large project and it is still under planning.

The Nebulas Technical Committee will summarize and report the current project progress after each PoD governance vote. Promote the implementation of proposals and promote community collaboration.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Node Platform:
Smart asset platform nextDAO:
New Telegram(EN):
Telegram Node Operating Group:
Community Forum:



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