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Proposal Creators Incentive Draft — Give us Suggestions and win NAX!

Welcome to the the Nebulas community collaboration platform incentive initial plan!

Nebulas wants to reward the community for participating in Go.Nebulas and the following announcement contains the draft copy of this program. We want to hear from the community for improvements to this all-new program!

If your feedback is accepted, you will receive a 5,000 NAX reward.

Please leave a message on the community forum via the link below before 12:00am on July 21, Beijing time to add your feedback.
— Submit suggestions at

The proposal creators incentive has two parts:

  1. Proposal approval rewards: Proposals that are approved via the PoD governance vote each month will receive a 5,000 NAX rewards;
  2. Semi-annual evaluation: The Nebulas Technical Committee will review and consider all proposals quality based on a scoring system containing multiple requirements. This includes the follow-up status of the project and the voting status of governance nodes, etc. will be used to select excellent proposals and projects, and give the proposal and project leader a maximum reward of 50,000 NAX.

1. Proposal approval reward

After the voting of each governance cycle is completed, a maximum of 5 outstanding proposals will be selected by the Nebulas Technical Committee from the voted upon proposals. Each outstanding proposal creator will receive a 5,000 NAX reward.

PoD governance cycles occur approximately every month with the governance committee composed of governance nodes with the total number of governance nodes not exceeding 51 per cycle. You can visit the node platform to view the status of voting.

2. Semi-annual project and proposal evaluation

This includes two award types: Excellent Proposal Award and Excellent Project Award.

Selection interval: Every 6 governance cycles (about half a year), there is a selection cycle.

Excellent Proposal Awards

Selection range:

  1. Proposals that participated in the PoD governance during the selection cycle;
  2. Participated in PoD voting during the selection period; if the proposal failed but the quality score exceeded 12 points, it will be included in the half-year cycle.

Proposal Quality Review (15 points in total):

The Nebulas Technical Committee will review all proposals and give a quality score before the proposal participates in the PoD governance vote which can be used as a reference by the governance nodes. The max score of a proposal is 15 points based on the following criteria:

Contribution (up to 5 points, plus points for satisfaction):

  • New use cases: New application scenarios can be developed(+1)
  • Token economy: The proposal can increase the market value (in satoshi value) of NAS or NAX (+1)
  • Expandability: It can help attract new users outside the Nebulas community (+1)
  • Network utilization activity: It is expected to increase the activity of users within the community (+1)
  • Ease of use: Improved product ease of use and can reduce the workload for at least one group of people (+1)

Feasibility (up to 5 points, plus points for satisfaction):

  • Clear execution steps (+1)
  • Working hours are clear (+1)
  • There is a pre-specified project lead (+1)
  • Clear completion metrics (+1)
  • No budget required and can be completed directly (+1)

Promotion of proposal (up to 5 points):

  • Proposer participated in node meetings and actively discuss proposals with the Governance Committee (+1)
  • Actively answer questions and interactions on Nebulas platforms such as Go.Nebulas and the Nebulas community forum (+1)
  • Interact and promote on social media platforms such as Telegram and WeChat Group (+1)
  • Promote proposals or Nebulas on public social platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Weibo, Twitter (+1)
  • Write articles, make videos, etc. to produce materials for in-depth publicity (+1)

Project (up to 3 points):

  • The project has passed the PoD governance vote (+3)

Max score: 18 points

There can be an unlimited number of proposals for a single six-month selection period with a total reward cap of: 250,000 NAX.

  • 16 points or more receives 20,000NAX;
  • 18 points will receive 50,000NAX.

Excellent Project Awards

Selection range:

  1. Items stated in the last selection cycle

The technical committee conducts assessments based on innovation and contribution, evaluates the actual effect and issues a report. The number of projects that will receive a reward is no more than five. Project leader rewards 50,000NAX, proposal sponsor rewards 50,000NAX


Due to the lack of innovation, some proposals can be immediately closed if they meet any of the following criteria. When closing a proposal,a message from the moderator needs to be added specifying why the proposal has been closed:

  • Plagiarized proposal.
  • Although not mentioned on GN, the same project is already completed or in progress.
  • The proposer accidentally submitted the proposal repeatedly.
  • The proposal description was not completed or the information was missing significant required details. The technical committee should try to communicate with the proposer and only close a proposal if they are unwilling to improve or complete the proposal.

The following proposals will not be closed thereby leaving the decision to the governance nodes to decide:

  1. Multiple proposers have submitted different solutions to the same problem;
  2. Separate proposals have the same solution to the same problem but the project budget and duration differ.

What are your thoughts on the above community incentive system?

Please leave a message within the thread on the forum before 12:00am on July 21, Beijing time to add your feedback.

Leave your suggestions at

If your feedback is accepted and used for the final version of this program, you will receive a 5,000 NAX reward.

The Nebulas Foundation has the right to modify event rules and reserves the right to decide to cancel or modify the rules of the event.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Node Platform:
Smart asset platform nextDAO:
New Telegram(EN):
Telegram Node Operating Group:
Community Forum:



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