Reddit Weekly Question Recap! (10.29–11.4)

Last week we asked a question on Reddit:

“Developers are significant to any public blockchain project. However, in the current stage of the development of blockchain, the consensus mechanism (POW, POS) only refer to the benefit of miner and token holders. Developers can not get commensurate rewards from any developing activities, which limits the further development of public blockchain. As a blockchain project, how can we design a on-chain incentive way to stimulate the developers continue to develop DApps on the blockchain? ”

We received some comments, let`s see what community members say.


Proof of Devotion (scheduled for end of 2019) will be about rewarding important accounts by allowing them to earn bookkeeping rewards.

Nebulas Incentive or DIP is about rewarding developers (scheduled for the end of 2018)

There are several ways to reward developers…

  • Using transaction fees collected and creating an incentive pool
  • Using part of the bookkeeper rewards, maybe 15% or so
  • Using part of the Nebulas community reserved coins
  • The developer can charge a direct fee to users if they would like or include paid advertisements
  • Some other non monetary reward (recognition, leaderboard)

I like the idea of using bookkeeping rewards and transaction fees to reward developers. Proof of Devotion will reward the really large accounts that become bookkeepers but won’t reward the small to mid size developers (or the large developers that don’t want to be bookkeepers). Since these developers are crucial to the ecosystem, they should get a piece of the bookkeeper pie.

The developers that receive rewards could be based off Nebulas Rank in combination with a voting mechanism. It would be very similar to the Nebulas Incentive Program EXCEPT changing how the voter system worked to limit cheating/manipulation because that was an issue with the last Incentive Program. I proposed a change to the voting mechanism a few months ago voting mechanism proposal

You could also create different categories of dapps to reward developers (games, tools, social, etc). And reward the top developers for each category. The cool thing about this is the amount of reward could be changed to encourage more tools if needed, then next quarter the reward for social category could be higher. The voters could determine the pool allotment for each category every 3 months or so.

Another idea would be to not only reward the strong/popular dapps based on amount if users and interaction, BUT there could be a reward category for the fastest growing dapps/most improved. This would encourage smaller dapps the continue pushing forward.

If we’re talking about the rewards given from the community reserved NAS stash (like the rewards used for that last Nebulas Incentive Program). Then I would like to see those rewards given in increments rather than a lump sum. 1/3 of them rewarded immediately, and the rest distributed at a later date. Maybe if the user count drops off, they get less of a reward. If the user count grows, they get more than the original amount.


Reward good apps with publicity, popular apps with development funds that don’t cover the costs but are enough to be meaningful. That way apps with fake transactions can’t game the system as easily and good apps have the potential to become popular apps. Then you just have to market the platform to hell in hopes developers will use it, which could take a long time.

The developer market is seriously difficult though. The best way I can put it is its like being an architect trying to sell a home you designed to other architects. They will show no mercy and be extremely critical of even the tiniest flaws, not to mention hold ideas that may entirely clash with your own. If we could find a way to specialize and market Nebulas to a tiny segment of the developer market we could grow from there and eventually target the entire market like we all hope for. The only issue is Nebulas has to be really good at a specific thing that we can glue on to and turn into our holy mantra.


100% agree. Let’s hope DIP isn’t based off transactions alone as the number of transactions does not always tell you about the quality and usefulness of a dapp.


You should be strict and create a selection process for each dapp.
As soon as someone realizes you are serious, good developers will jump on the train.
We don’t need thousends of gambling sites or shity games — we need usecase ! and if it takes 10 years, it should take 10 years :)


You were quoted by Hitters, awesome! Im kind of surprised he agreed on not wanting thousands of dapps (enough to even mention it). It shows they may take a whole different approach to next developer incentive program which i think is really good.


I think that the bitcoin era is motivating miners. The PoS era is motivating to hold money. In the Nebulas era, developers need to be motivated to make breakthroughs in the blockchain field. Specifically, it is to make the block rewards also benefit the developers.

Nebulas attaches great importance on developers’ incentive. On October 30, we published the Nebulas Mauve Paper: Developer Incentive Protocol, with developers’ incentive as its core. This proves Nebulas resolution to encourage more people to get involved in blockchain development and also try to help developers to benefit fairly from the decentralized platform. Together, with blockchain and Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP), we can empower developers and change the world!

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