Reddit Weekly Discussion Recap!(10.21–10.26)

Hello! It’s time for the Reddit Q & A of this week! At the beginning of this week, we posted a question on our official Reddit: Is there a possibility of mutual cooperation and a win-win scenario between different public blockchains with unique features? And invited community members to share their insights. This question led to a heated discussion in community. Here we summed up some answers to share with our dear community. And, we welcome more of the community member come to reddit to join our discussion.

Answer 1: lvwHOO

Nice idea about question of the week. And I like that Nebulas asks a more competitive question, Go Nebulas!

There will always be many blockchains. For the main reason being like you said, different blockchains have their own special features and strengths. There may be limited number of blockchains that stand out in each sector though, similar to how Google really dominates the search engine category.

I believe we will have a digital identity online that can easily link up and interact with most blockchains. There won’t just be one bridge linking each blockchain. There may be some official organization that “certifies” blockchains to guarantee its authenticity. So for example, the gov’t and businesses will accept personal credentials (whether it’s identity, payment, proof of ownership, history, etc) only from accredited blockchain.

When we choose to pay, we can use any coin that a respected coin translator hosts (maybe like lightning network)

Many blockchains, all interactive and inter operable, with some of the necessary ones being “certified” by respectable 3rd party groups.

And I’m sure Nebulas will play an important role in developing the technology needed for this.

Answer 2: vicky5690098

If public chain projects want to survive, they have to cooperate, two reasons:

1. Blockchain technology is iterating all the time, a single public chain often has limitations in the design of technical system. mutual learning and exchange of technology can make a single project avoid being phased out.

2. A single public chain has limited resource no matter in technology or community. Under the current bear market, most public chains cannot achieve the goal independently.

So it would be great if all chains can cooperate together, they are not rivals.

Answer 3: hschung

I agree with that. As a developer, there are great limitations and risks if continuously develop and invest in a single public chain project particularly under such situation. Due to the rapid iteration of public chain technology and the limitations of a single public chain project, developers face rising risks and costs to focus on a single public chain project. However, developers are the foundation for the success of blockchain projects. Therefore, I think the collaboration between public chain projects is more like the cooperation among developer communities. It is likely that there will be a developer — oriented system or alliance built on many public chain projects, so that developers can cooperate with each other in a rather stable environment, and can share various technical features and ecological resources together. On the other hand, public chain projects can also share resources of developers under the public chain alliance environment.

Answer 4: anunukid

Netflix co-exists to amazon prime , maxdome etc.. why should this not work for blockchain projects ?

every project have his own way to adopt / work

example : it’s like playstation / xbox / nintendo etc.. there is on every platform exclusive game titles — end of the day people use all these platforms to have fun and play the exclusive titles … of course there is a competition but if something is good people always come back to the project who delivered the better stuff at the moment

sometimes people buy an iphone because they released a nice feature than they go back to samsung because there new camera is incredible… and so on

Answer 5: lvwHOO

I guess the bear has people hibernating. They’ll wake up when bull season arrives. Every bear day that goes by is one day closer to the bull. I’m really expecting this winter to bring in some upside run. But be careful, I don’t think we go straight to all time highs. Probably go up a lot though, get excited, but then come down half of those gains. I think it will be an opportunity though if a person is over invested to pull some out if they cant wait for all time highs eventually.

From the feedback of our community, it’s easy to see that the community hold positive attitude on the collaboration among public chain projects.The blockchain industry is currently facing difficult challenges, among which the competition and isolated development become more prominent and even hinder its further development. Given such situation, Nebulas joined the Public Chain Technology Alliance (PCTA) to collaborate with other projects, break the vicious competition among various public chains and open their isolated ecosystem to new users and developers. We hope that with the assist of PCTA, distinct public chain projects can connect their ecosystems and developer communities, displaying their respective strengths and jointly promoting the beneficial development of the whole blockchain industry.

Besides, we attaches great importance on community and are always willing to hear voices from the community. Therefore, if you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to contact

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