Creating a project on the Go Nebulas platform and understanding the voting process

Apr 22, 2019 · 6 min read

Since the inception of the Go Nebulas platform, collaborative community work has began and community members have been actively participating in Nebulas ecosystem construction!

During the initial phase of Go Nebulas, the official community forum ( served as a proving ground for community proposed projects and many of these projects have materialized into several proposals for ecological expansion. With Go Nebulas becoming more robust and feature rich, Nebulas community members can now launch projects directly on the Go Nebulas platform!

How to start a project on Go Nebulas

It’s simple to create a project and to have the community vote on your proposals! Simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Creating a Proposal: Sign up for an account on the Go Nebulas platform at Once logged in to your account, click on “Start a Project”, complete the form honestly and entirely(do not skip any required fields and try to complete all the optional fields as well) and finally Publish your proposal.
  2. Voting on Proposals: Once a project is submitted to the Go Nebulas platform, community members will have the option to vote for your proposal. If your project receive the majority of “Yes” (51%+)votes and the minimum amount of Quorum Votes (varies by project), your project will be accepted and move to the next phase.
  3. Establishing a Project: Once your project is approved from the community and by the Temporary Nebulas Technical Committee, it will be formally established on the platform. Note: Projects must also meet the required rules listed below.
  4. Project Implementation: Project creators can organize the operation of participants via the Go Nebulas platform and submit updates to the projects overall progress.
  5. Project Auditing: Once a project is complete, the original creator needs to submit the final results/creation for review by the community.
  6. Issuance of NAS: For NAS to be distributed, the project must pass review by the community and no objections raised during public testing/review. In addition, the Temporary Nebulas Technical Committee will review the results to verify no rules were broken, loopholes taken and are inline with the expected outcome. If updates are required to the project, the project creator/manager must be available for feedback and complete subsequent updates.

Note: The Go Nebulas platform is still under development and will utilize the NAT voting token some time in June, 2019. Until them, the Nebulas community can participate in voting via this temporary system.

How are proposals voted and approved from the community?

During the project creation, you will need to set a timeline for voting with a minimum of 24 hours required. Once voting is complete, the proposal must meet the following requirements:

  1. The proposal must receive a minimum of 51% approval (Yes votes) by the community.
  2. The required minimum number of votes for a project to be approved are based on the requested budget of the project. The required votes based on budget are as follows:
  • 0 NAS to 199 NAS: 10 Votes
  • 200 NAS to 299 NAS: 20 Votes
  • 300 NAS to 399 NAS: 30 Votes
  • 400 NAS to 499 NAS: 40 Votes
  • 500 NAS to 599 NAS: 50 Votes
  • 600 NAS to 699 NAS: 60 Votes
  • 700 NAS to 799 NAS: 70 Votes
  • 800 NAS to 899 NAS: 80 Votes
  • 900 NAS to 999 NAS: 90 Votes
  • 1,000 NAS to 5,000 NAS: 100 Votes

Note: At this time, projects must exceed 5,000 NAS as per the rules outlined in the Temporary Nebulas Technical Committee Announcement.

The temporary Nebulas Technical Committee can propose re-voting (or temporarily closing the sponsorship proposal) of projects

The temporary Nebulas Technical Committee was founded and appointed by the Nebulas Foundation to establish the rationality of submitted community project and to evaluate the results of projects before the formation of the Nebulas Technical Committee that will not take place earlier than the election of the Nebulas Council in June 2019.

There are currently two types of projects that will require to re-submission:

A. Violation of Nebulas’ three basic claims on “address”:

  1. The right to own and operate assets on Nebulas;
  2. The right to initiate a proposal;
  3. The right to participate in the voting of the proposal.

For example, proposals that include suspected stolen funds, account attacks, malicious conflicts, etc.., which endanger the operation of basic assets will not be supported even if they pass community vote.

B. Proposals that exceed the current fund budget:

The community’s public assets which consists of 35 million NAS will not be released to the Nebulas Council until its formation its is completed at the end of June, 2019.

To assist community members who wish to create projects for the betterment of the ecosystem, the Nebulas Foundation will provide a total of 50,000 NAS from its pool of funds to support projects proposed by the community and continued operation of existing projects. For more information, please review the Temporary Establishment of The Nebulas Technical Committee Announcement.

From April 15 to June 30, 2019, there are 5 cycles of fund distribution left:

  • April 15, 2019 to May 5, 2019: 7,500 NAS
  • May 6, 2019 to May 19, 2019: 7,500 NAS
  • May 20, 2019 to June 2, 2019: 7,500 NAS
  • June 3, 2019 to June 16, 2019: 10,000 NAS
  • June 17, 2019 to June 30, 2019: 10,000 NAS

If the quota of funds are used up prior to the end of each cycle, proposals will be temporarily closed until the beginning of the next cycle.
In order to ensure that more community members can participate in proposals and community construction, the budget of community members submitted projects must not exceed 5,000 NAS.

How to participate in community project voting

Step 1: Community members can go to the Go Nebulas platform at and select “Proposals” to view all proposals.

Image for post
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Step 2: Browse the proposals and choose a proposal that you want to support.

Image for post
Image for post
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Step 4: Once you are ready to cast your vote and you are logged in, select your voting preference and click the button “Vote on-chain.” If installed, this will open NAS nano Pro on your mobile device or you can scan the generated QR code via NAS nano Pro. If you do not yet have NAS nano Pro, visit for more information and to download today.

Step 5: Once you approve the transaction in NAS nano Pro (be sure the NAS transfer balance is 0), after just 15 seconds, you can view your vote/transaction in NAS nano Pro or via the web explorer. The project that you voted for will display voting success and will include your vote.

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When the closing voting date is reached and if the projects meets the minimum above listed requirements, the project will be officially established and displayed in the project list of

Q: Can I still initiate a proposal at the Nebulas Community Forum?
A: You can still choose to communicate with members of the community through the forum. The official Nebulas Twitter account will still choose a part of the proposal to vote on Twitter to provide assistance.

Q: Is the project already underway also being reviewed by the Nebulas Interim Technical Committee?
A: We call on every member of the community to monitor the results of projects and to actively identify and challenge questions during public testing. The temporary Nebulas Technical Committee organizes and supervises the results. In the future public beta periods, the community will also vote together to decide whether projects will pass.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
New Telegram(EN):
Community Forum:
Instagram: nebulasio
Facebook: @nebulasproject
Twitter: @nebulasio


Nebulas is an autonomous metanet.


Written by

Nebulas / Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.



Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.


Written by

Nebulas / Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.



Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.

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