Swap.nextDAO version 1.1 upgrade completed

Feb 1, 2021 · 2 min read

Swap.nextDAO has been upgraded to version 1.1. This upgrade will require all users who have added liquidity to manually participate with the migration.

The primary change was applying a patch to an issue where operations related to nUSDT failed during swap. The upgraded smart contracts are as follows:

  • Swap contract address: n1h2u1AN4kwd3YdScLGKSjdjTpDUPY7ZyZf
  • Stake pool contract address: n1y4FT4z4CY49Zq2LSkGhjUAZo9vWzSUpxJ
  • nUSDT-NAS: n1nDsKeXrwurQx1CvJasdxAWGJ7QX5xFd8g
  • nUSDT-NAX: n21kYF8bYsR69utWXRDnutgDgYurpTCGSCx
  • NAS-NAX: n1xyK8QkGGjjmZRHufuF6JY7Vk3AcMwNUrq

All users who have added liquidity in version 1.0 (including nUSDT-NAX, nUSDT-NAS, NAS-NAX):

  1. Holding LP tokens: You can see your LP amount in via NAS nano Pro or the Chrome extension wallet; if you have LP tokens, you need to remove all liquidity.
  2. Staking LP tokens: You can check whether you are participating in the staking of LP tokens at swap.nextdao.io/stake. You need to cancel all stakes in full and remove all liquidity.

To cancel your stake, please visit version 1.0 of swap.nextDAO: https://swap-v1.nextdao.io/swap .

To remove liquidity, please use the offline version of the web wallet (0.94): https://github.com/nebulasio/web-wallet/releases/tag/v0.94

https://www.notion.so/nebulas/Swap-nextDAO-v1-0-Cancel-Stake-Remove-Liquidity-Tutorial-94f5c49bddc34526ac5e553248ba7f6c “nextdao swap v1.0 cancel stake/liquidity removal tutorial.”

Staking LP incentive income will be moved to the version 1.1 incentive pool. Remaining stakes in the version 1.1 liquidity pools will no longer receive incentive.

This upgrade does not affect asset security, nor does it affect the use of public chains or other DApps.

Thank you to all who have supported nextDAO.

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