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The Community Fund is up to you!

The Nebulas Foundation has collected plans from the global community pertaining to the 35 million NAS community fund and as of September 20, Go Nebulas has collected 36 plans in less than a month. After some review from the Nebulas team, the first round of community voting will begin on September 29th! This will also mark the first time that the Nebulas community will use dStaking tools for attempted community governance.

Of the 36 proposals, 10 were rejected primarily for the following reasons:

  • Unclear: there was no specific plan;
  • Violation of relevant laws and regulations and basic community principles such as gambling, political issues, suspected bribery, etc.;
  • Unable to implement: The use of other project-side assets and other non-operable solutions.

We still still appreciate proposals from these 10 participants.

The remaining proposals will be voted on by the community thereby giving all participants the same opportunity to let the community make the final decision.

  • 14 proposals destruction include one-time destruction, batch destruction, destruction combined with airdrops, destruction combined with marketing activities, and destruction via combined voting.
  • 12 proposals retaining the fund, include project development and marketing, the establishment of community funds and rewarding developers.

List of proposals to be voted on:

  1. Direct destruction of community reservations
    Directly destroy 35 million and concentrate on making cakes
  2. The community reserved 35 million NAS for destruction. There is nothing to say. When Xu was elected as the chairman of the foundation, he also mentioned the promotion of the destruction of 35 million NAS.
  3. Vote to destroy the 35M NAS reserved by the community, so that NAS will become a deflation line TOKEN in the next few years, which will enhance the community morale for a long time and help NAS rush into CMC 20.
  4. Permanently destroy 35 million reserved NAS in batches within two months. Permanently destroy 35 million reserved NAS in batches within two months
  5. NAS destruction plan
  6. 35 million NAS gradient destruction, used for pledge before destruction, the resulting NAS is allocated according to the proportion of NAS position pledge, giving back to the previous position
  7. Support the Nebula community to reserve some 35 million NAS destruction plans
  8. 35M NAS batch destruction plan
  9. A careful 35M NAS destruction treatment plan
  10. Sales promotion
  11. Destroy mode to let everyone destroy 35 million NAS
  12. Community Reserve Star Cloud Destruction Processing Proposal (A Burning Game)
  13. Decentralized Burning
  14. 35 million for partial destruction and strategic partner assets
  1. Assign 35M NAS to the lock position
  3. a social network (35 m NAS)
  4. Use the 35 m nas to create video game platform
  5. Tokenize Go Nebulas
  6. 0 Transaction Fee
  7. About the 35 M community fund
  8. 35M NAS Community Fund Proposal
  9. Community funds — alternative to burn
  10. Multiple Projects
  11. Burn Baby Burn — Not So Fast! Please read before voting.

The 100 NAS first round of voting will be opened on September 29 for just one day only!

September 29, 2019 15:00 — September 30, 15:00 (Beijing time, UTC+8)

This will also mark the first time that the Nebulas community will use dStaking tools for attempted community governance.

The Nebulas mainnet network addresses that meet the following conditions have the right to vote on the community reserve proposals:

In the reserved star cloud processing solution voting interface (open on September 29th, please pay attention to the official website to vote, select a proposal you support, click on the vote, use NAS nano pro scan code transfer 100 NAX to complete vote. note:

  • An address can only be voted once, and repeated voting is considered invalid
  • The 100 NAX cast was destroyed immediately.

To vote on September 29th, be sure to visit the website for the voting page and select the proposal you want to support. Once selected, click the vote option, scan the QR code via NAS nano Pro and transfer exactly 100 NAX to complete your vote.

Limit of one vote session per address — additional votes will be considered invalid. The 100 NAX used for voting will be immediately destroyed.


The selected proposal will receive a reward of 2,000 USDT equivalent paid in NAS.

Based on the voting results, the proposal which receives the first prize reward will not be eligible for the participation award. Two additional proposals based on number of votes will be selected to receive the 100 NAS participation reward.

The results will be announced after the closing of the voting on September 30th. The implementation time of the proposal will vary depending on the development workload involved of the selected proposal and will be no earlier than October 8th, 2019.


Of the 36 proposals, only 2 supported one-time destruction. The Nebula team adopted community recommendations to process community-reserved NAS in batches, treat community assets with care, and to let future community decide what to do with these assets.

dStaking reflects the currency of the address, the age of the pledge (coin age) and may be a valid user “screening” scheme. Based on the amount of the deposit and the age distribution, we can filter the users who believe in Nebulas. The processing of reserve fund operation is a public community public decision involving assets related to the future development of Nebulas. We hope that users who care about Nebula will make joint decisions.

We also hope that this approach can moderately prevent cheating.

Within the ecosystem, whoever has more assets, has the final say. We believe this method will reduce the power of those with more assets.

Assuming that the current pledge rate remains consistent, a pledge of 500NAS will result in the receiving of 100 NAX within two dStaking cycles.


  1. Do not vote multiple times from the same address and only vote with 100NAX. Nebulas does not assume any responsibility for the loss of assets due to personal operations.
  2. For the final solution of the Nebulas community fund, please refer to the relevant announcement issued by (;
  3. Please be diligent to identify and avoid fake applications, falsified messages, phishing websites, phishing emails, fake customer service, scams, etc… The Nebulas team will never ask users for their private keys. Nebulas is not responsible for any loss caused by users or third parties.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
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Instagram: nebulasio
Facebook: @nebulasproject
Twitter: @nebulasio



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