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The first Nebulas PoD mainnet governance cycle is about to begin!

On April 29th, the first PoD governance vote on the mainnet network will begin! This will be the first governance cycle since the launch of Nebulas Voyager, marking it an important milestone for Nebulas to implement the Autonomous Metanet.

  • Voting time: Will last between polling cycles 20889–21008 — 120 polling cycles in total. This will last approximately from April 29, 23:35:30 — May 4, 8:35, 2020 (Beijing time UTC+8)
  • Voting address:

The Nebulas community is welcome to view the node platform and review the governance committee nodes, proposals, projects and to keep up with the voting progress!

  • Voting participants: 51 governance nodes, which consists of many nodes such as Allnodes, Linked Community, MRH2, StackOfStake, etc., as well as the nodes of community teams and individuals.
  • Voting method: Selected nodes will vote via the Nebulas governance portal. All nodes have a governance address and from this address, they will cast one NAX towards each proposal based on their preferred opinion.
  • Proposals to be voted: 60 as of this announcement.

These proposals comprise all aspects of the Nebulas ecosystem.

  • Product R&D: Mainnet optimization, development of new products and tools, upgrade and optimization of existing products (Go.nebulas, NAS nano pro, forum, node platform, etc.).
  • General ecosystem: How community collaboration motivates, and how node-related incentive mechanisms are implemented.
  • Node Governance: Appeal node penalties.
  • Content creation: Multilingual translation, video production and article writing.
  • Marketing: Multilingual community operations, college-based promotion, etc..

You can view all proposals today and start learning about them on go.nebulas.

Governance incentives

  • Selected governance nodes need to vote on ALL proposals and projects to gain the 816 NAS governance incentive. If a consensus node becomes a governance node for two consecutive governance cycles without taking part in governance voting and voting for ALL proposals, the node will not be able to be selected as a governance node for 820 consensus polling cycles (approximately one month). Be sure to vote on ALL proposals to avoid governance penalties.

What is a PoD governance vote?

Within the Nebulas PoD ecosystem, every 820 polling cycles (approximately 1 month), a governance cycle is held. The top 51 nodes that produce the most blocks in a governance cycle will be selected as governance nodes and vote on projects listed on Go.nebulas that are not closed as well as projects entering the testing phase. All governance nodes need to vote within 120 polling cycles (approximately 5 days) once the cycle begins.


Open transparency: PoD governance voting data is public with all the information available.

Joint Community Development: Supported by the Go.nebulas Foundation, the Technical Committee is responsible for code quality control and oversight while community members make their own proposals, community contributors (governance nodes) make decisions and community members can freely claim projects and implement them.

Learn about PoD governance mechanisms.

This PoD governance vote follows the first governance cycle on the testnet which occurred March 10–12. During this period, four proposals were voted by 42 testnet nodes. The first PoD governance vote on the mainnet has seen a surge in proposals and this will be an important step towards decentralized governance and a true test for the governance committees.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Node Platform:
Smart asset platform nextDAO:
New Telegram(EN):
Telegram Node Operating Group:
Community Forum:




Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.

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