The First Winners of Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program

Congratulations on these Wiki bounty winners!

On December 2018, the Nebulas team announced Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program. According to the rules of this program, the Wiki bounty was classified as several types:

  • Most Outstanding Contributor Award: 1 prize, 100 NAS;
  • Wiki Contributor Award: 9 prizes, 10 NAS per person;
  • Participation Award: a total amount of 50 NAS, divided by all community members who participated and contributed to the Nebulas Wiki in one month.

For the detailed info, please refer to: Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program

After collecting the related info, we have selected the Wiki award winners, and they are:

Most Outstanding Contributor Award (1)


Wiki Contributor Award (9)










The Most Outstanding Contributor Award belongs to a community member from Portugal, whose github account is “CrisBRM”. This community member has set up a Portuguese branch on Nebulas Wiki, and has also translated our Wiki dynamics into Portuguese and polished the English documents. Thanks to his hard work, now community members from Portugal can have a better understanding of Nebulas and the Autonomous Metanet, hence they can have a better experience of our value measuring system of the blockchain world.

Besides this, we also have 9 prizes for the Wiki Contributor Award. Among them, a Github user named “jmansfile” revised Nebulas Wiki technical documents; “royalasgar” provided our community with some tutorials of Nebulas development; “weiht12” revised both the Chinese and English catalogues of Nebulas Wiki, providing concise information of Nebulas to the community. Also, other contributors made their respective contributions to writing or revising Wiki, and to promote Nebulas dynamics to our community.

We have no Participation Awards this time, so the NAS prizes (50 NAS) for this award will be distributed the next time when the next round of winners of Wiki Bounty Program are announced. Here, if you have some free time and want to get some NAS rewards, join us in Nebulas Wiki Bounty Program. Your contribution in joining us and making Nebulas ecosystem more prosperous is important.

What’s more, if you still have some questions on this respect, welcome to leave your questions on our forum, you can also communicate with other community members through this platform.

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