The maintenance period of NAT has been completed!

Through the unremitting efforts of the team, the maintenance and upgrade of the pledge NAS smart contract has been successfully completed. In particular, anyone wanting to complete a pledge function need to know and should verify:

  1. The new pledge contract address is n1obU14f6Cp4Wv7zANVbtmXKNkpKCqQDgDM; you can 
    view the current pledge smart contract via the explorer:;
  2. All the data from the original pledge smart contract — including pledges performed and NAS amounts have been transferred to the new contract; even if you can’t verify the history of your pledge on the explorer, you can still safely cancel the pledge;
  3. The status of the pledge can still be viewed through the online pledge page at;
  4. Since the pledge contract has been changed, if you are using the downloaded client, you will need to re-download it from Github at
  5. Users who use the online pledge tool are not affected, and just need to wait for the online pledge tool update to take effect;
  6. The old pledge contract has expired and the user’s pledge or withdrawal via the original pledge contract will permanently fail;
  7. Several small users have directly submitted NAS to the smart contract instead of using the Pledge NAS download or website; their NAS will be returned to the original NAS address that submitted the pledge. Please don’t worry but be careful when you submit your next pledge.

Finally, please be aware that the new pledge contract address is n1obU14f6Cp4Wv7zANVbtmXKNkpKCqQDgDM

This maintenance upgrade not only updated the pledge smart contract but also launched all the contracts of the entire NAT system. After 4 pm Beijing time on May 13, 2019, the NAT obtained through pledging and NR will be issued in order.. At the same time, NAS Nano Pro and Nebulas explorer will support the display and query of NAT values.

In addition, the smart contracts and applications using NAT for voting are under development and will be launched this week — so stay tuned!

Finally, there were a small amount of users that need additional support. We ask that you give us time to respond to your questions in a timely manner. In addition, please give us specific feedback about any issue you have encountered. Thank you for your patience!

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