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Interview with Nebulas Team Series # 3

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In the last two videos, we published Nebulers’ Thoughts on the Future of Blockchain and Why Join Nebulas, and in this video, we will mainly focus on Nebulers expectation toward Nebulas.

How time flies! As we count down to the closure of 2018. This year has seen many public chain projects arise and the fluctuation of cryptocurrency market. Under such circumstances, the future development of blockchain becomes a hot topic. People have different opinions on the future of blockchain. In this video, members of Nebulas teams share their own expectations toward Nebulas. Watch now.

Here are some key points in this video.

Ph.D Yulong Zeng (Senior Researcher of Nebulas Research Institute): I hope Nebulas will always be a pioneer in the blockchain industry.

Ph.D Jingchang Sun (Nebulas Research Institute intern): I believe that Nebulas will be the world’s leading blockchain platform in both theoretical and technological innovation.

Ruby Wu (Eco-dev Director): When we have realized all our technical visions, Nebulas will bring new dimensions and new revolutions to the blockchain world.

Joel Wang (Nebulas Technical Director): With a very talented team, we will be able to achieve the entire vision and great dreams of Nebulas.

Ph.D Zaiyang Tang (Senior Researcher of Nebulas Research Institute): We can create a lot of interesting and meaningful work on Nebulas.

Iris Li (Product Director): When Nebulas 2.0 launches, we will be the world’s first blockchain with native built-in developer incentives.

Ph.D Jinbo Zhang (Nebulas Research Institute visiting scholar): Nebulas could become a distributed computing system with High Availability (HA).

Ph.D Samuel Chen (Chief Architect of Nebulas): I hope in near future, Nebulas could become the most representative public chain platform in China or even in the world.

By the way, according to the roadmap of Nebulas NOVA, and thanks to the great efforts of our technical team, we will release the testnet of Nebulas NOVA on 31, December, 2018. Please stay tuned!

Nebulas always aims to let everyone get value from decentralized collaboration fairly. Community members are welcome to contribute their own efforts for a healthy and sustainable Nebulas ecosystem, and if you have some suggestions or ideas, feel free to contact us (email:

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