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The Sixth PoD Governance Cycle Has Ended!

The results can be viewed at:

7 Approved Proposals

Token economy:

  • NIP548 — The swap.nextdao fee for the repurchase and destruction NAX (translated)

Community & marketing:

  • NIP551 — Nebulas India Initiative
  • NIP556 — Nebulas Sri Lankan Telegram/Twitter/Facebook/Medium Operation (October 2020)

Product improvement:

  • NIP543 — Go Nebulas notification system
  • NIP545 — Go Nebulas email newsletter
  • NIP554 — NAS nano pro: Sending feature — Enter amount quickly with a slider
  • NIP555 — NAS nano pro: Rename NAX to “Votes (NAX)” in the UI

Governance Cycle Review

  • The completion and approval of 3 out of 4 projects;
  • 50 of the 51 selected nodes participated in governance;
  • 58% of submitted proposals approved;

Next Step:

Governance incentives: The governance nodes will receive approximately 800 NAS governance reward at the beginning of the next governance cycle (end of September).

Proposals: The approved proposals will be initiated by the Technical Committee and issued on

Follow or the spreadsheet listed below to track the status of approved projects.

We thank the community for their initiative and also thank the nodes for their contribution to community governance. The PoD governance vote is only the beginning and the next step will require more human effort to get good proposals off the ground.

Any new ideas are welcome to join the discussion at or present your proposals at A PoD governance vote is organized each governance cycle (approximately one month) to make decisions on submitted proposals and projects.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Node Platform:
Smart asset platform nextDAO:
New Telegram(EN):
Telegram Node Operating Group:
Community Forum:



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