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The Third PoD Governance Cycle Has Ended!

6 Approved Proposals

1. New products & tools:

  • NIP403 — Create a Wrapped version of NAS on Ethereum allowing for more liquidity, interoperability & DeFi. by Dustin
  • NIP407 — Nebulas Telegram Bot by Everstake — 3,000 USDT
  • NIP411 — Build Nebulas-based Light Transaction Contract “Inquiry”, Prioritize NAS:NAX Transactions — 2 by Ravin — 8,000 USDT

2. Community & marketing:

  • NIP405 — Start Nebulas Persian Community by ali021–100 USDT\
  • NIP410 — Nebulas Sri Lankan Telegram/Twitter/Facebook/Medium Operation ( July 2020) by malith123–250 USDT
  • NIP412 — WeChat Group Operation(third party) 2020.7 by MatricZ — 750 USDT

Total value: 12,100 USDT

Data Analytics

Node count went From 39 to 49

8 node meetings:

50% approval rating:

3 Attempts & Approved:

100% support:

974 NAS:

Next Step:

Learn more about Nebulas:



Nebulas is an autonomous metanet. The future of collaboration is coming.

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