Together, Let’s Decide The Future of the Nebulas Ecosystem

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Nebulas team was pleased to launch the Nebulas project collaboration platform “Go Nebulas”which will remove the boundaries between the Nebulas “core team” and the community. In return, this will allow everyone — including users and organizations within the Nebulas ecosystem to have a voice based on defined and unified guidelines.

We believe that these guidelines should not be created by any single entity but rather by the participation of the entire ecosystem including community members, organizations and the Nebulas team. With this in mind, Nebulas will rely on the voices of the community! This change will empower every community member within the Nebulas ecosystem to be heard via a voting mechanism and to jointly decide the ecological development and ultimate fate of Nebulas.

Voting systems are nothing new within organizations, however, we feel fairness, impartiality and openness must be the foundation for the construction of a healthy ecosystem. The Nebulas voting mechanism will be operated on-chain via the Nebulas mainnet. Every vote within the community will be transparent and openly displayed on the blockchain for all to see. Within the Nebulas governance and voting system, user actions will be visible via their mainnet address.

Most voting systems have one critical flaw which stem from how to allocate voting power to the right person fairly. We have seen many issues arising from the philosophy of “one person, one vote”and have seen bottlenecks in the process of developing within ecosystems monopolized by HashRate and large asset influencers. In this regard, Nebulas believes that bigger contributors within the ecosystem should be granted more voting power within the ecological development of Nebulas while still giving all participants a voice.

Nebulas has many unique technologies that we can utilize for a fairer and a more transparent governance system. One of these technologies is Nebulas Rank (NR) which is a native value measurement mechanism for the contribution of accounts on Nebulas and is a invaluable asset of the Nebulas ecosystem. As an asset of the entire ecosystem, Nebulas believes that Nebulas Rank belongs to every member within the Nebulas community. With this in mind, we have decided to create the Nebulas Autonomous Token (NAT for short) which will be a unique asset derived from Nebulas Rank.

NAT will be a NRC-20 token and it will be used as a voting token within the Nebulas ecosystem. NAT will be issued via airdrop proportionally to Nebulas mainnet addresses based on NAS holdings, the NR of the address and the accounts voting behavior within a certain period of time. All Nebulas mainnet addresses with a valid Nebulas Rank will have the opportunity to receive NAT tokens. In addition, community members will be able to manage their NAT via NAS nano Pro and other NRC-20 compatible wallets.

Today, Nebulas sincerely invites each and every community member to participate in this transformation and to jointly decide the future of the Nebulas ecosystem!

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