Week 1 Winners of Nebulas NOVA Testnet Developer Incentive Program

The Highest Daily Transaction Reaches 31,904!

Since Nebulas Incentive Program initiated on Nebulas NOVA testnet on January 21, 2019, this program has received positive response from developers in the first week. During the first seven days, the average daily transactions on Nebulas NOVA testnet increased 94 times from the previous week, with the highest daily transactions reached 31,904. Here is the recap of the first week of Developer Incentive Program.

The top three smart contract addresses to be rewarded are:




A total of 12 smart contract addresses can receive NAS rewards. The awarded contract addresses have been updated on Nebulas Explorer. Click here for more info.

Congratulations to the reward winners! For those who did not get reward, please don’t give up. Our Incentive Program will last for ten weeks until March 31. So you still have chance to be rewarded. As long as you deploy smart contracts on Nebulas NOVA testnet and have users to use, developers can experience the native on-chain incentive. Come on to join us!

From now on, during Nebulas NOVA Testnet Developer Incentive Program, participants can claim 5 testnet tokens on Nebulas NOVA testnet. Community members are welcome to discuss and leave questions on our community forum.

Note: Due to our recent testnet rollback, the reward issuing address started with a balance slightly more than 0, therefore our first week reward is higher than 250 NAS, the exact amount is 303.1962344 NAS, in the subsequent DIP event, the weekly reward will remain 250 NAS.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website: Nebulas.io
Github: github.com/nebulasio/go-nebulas
Slack: nebulasio.herokuapp.com
Telegram(EN): t.me/nebulasio
Twitter: @nebulasio