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Week #2 Winners of Nebulas Incentive Program

Nebulas Incentive Program continue to receive positive response from the developer community in the second week. The second week of the Nebulas Incentive Program (NIP) ended at midnight (Beijing Time) on Sunday, May 20, block height 296,807. We received 813 decentralized app (DApp) submissions during this period, 135 of which passed review to win NAS rewards.

In total, 226 developers and referrers qualified to win NAS rewards for this week, with the total weekly NAS rewards close to $300,000 USD. Congratulations!

Using our ranking algorithm, the tech team evaluated the best DApps submitted in Week 2 of NIP. Below is the list of the best DApps this week, including our Weekly Champion, Second, and Third Prize-winners, as well as 20 recipients of this Weekly Excellence awards.

Nebulas Incentive Program Week 2
Weekly Champion

Weekly Champion: Cell Evolution

Developer: Dan Jin Xiang Si

Rewards: 10,000 NAS

Description: Cell evolution is the first decentralized strategy and sandbox game application. In the game, players act as a biological cell and survive by balancing adaptive and reproductive abilities. All players also play as a cell group in a group. If the direction of the cell group is unbalanced, the whole evolution will fail.

DApp website:

Week 2 second prize

Weekly second prize: NRC 20 Suite

Developer: Brandon Hackathon

Reward5,000 NAS

Description: This application can help users easily create and experiment NRC 20 tokens. The application provides the functions for recording, creating, browsing and trading NRC 20 tokens. Users need only to fill in some information and complete the contract deployment, then they will generate their own NRC 20 tokens.

DApp website:

Week 2 third prize

Weekly Third Prize: Fair & Trustworthy Contracts 2.0


Reward3000 NAS

Description:This is the first smart contract management platform in the Nebulas mainnet. For freelancers, it is really a headache for employers to delay paying their salaries. Using this application, users need only to fill in some basic information, then both parties can issue a smart contract via this platform, and verify the performance by confirming the execution progress to avoid default.

DApp website:

Excellence reward

These 20 Dapps won the Weekly Excellence reward, each receiving 300 NAS in rewards:

DApp: Nebulas DApp Store


DApp:GOLD Token


DApp:Nebulas shared platform


DApp:Nebulas film critics network




DApp:Commodity traceability


DApp:Nebulas chicken farm


DApp:”Old stock” of monkey


DApp:Chain community — micro-community based on Nebulas


DApp:Happy NAS




DApp:A small goal


DApp:Coin coffee shop


DApp:Mosaic canvas


DApp:Nebulas lost & found




DApp:Digital roses


DApp: Transfer system with the real user name based on blockchain smart contract


DApp:Nebulas voting platform


DApp:Daily Divination


All of these prize winners, if they submitted their DApps during the second week, will get 100 NAS as new application reward. If they were invited to NIP, they will get an additional 10 NAS for submitting their referral code.

Referrers can get 40 NAS from a rewarded DApp and 20% commission based on the rewards (Champion, Second Prize, Third Prize and Excellence Prize) received by the DApp.

Don’t lose hope if you didn’t win a prize this week! Our weekly ranking system is reset and recalculated every week. This means DApps successfully submitted in Week 2 of NIP that didn’t win a prize can still be eligible to win prizes in subsequent weeks. Moreover, DApps that placed in the top three in a given week are eligible to compete for the Monthly Champion award of 20,000 NAS.

Reward method

1. Developer reward winners are asked to complete and return a short form with their personal information before midnight on Friday night, May 25, Beijing time, in order to receive their rewards as quickly as possible. Please also check that the correct Nebulas mainnet address is set to receive NAS. This can be done in “Settings” on the Nebulas Incentive website. We will send an email to all reward winners with more information, and start distributing NAS rewards onFriday.

2. Referral award winners, please note that if the developer you invited won a reward, you will also need to check you have the correct Nebulas mainnet address to receive NAS. Referral rewards also begin distribution on Friday.

3. Rewards will be delivered every Friday. Week 1 rewards will be delivered on Friday of Week 2, and so on.

4. If you don’t confirm your information or fail to fill in the correct mainnet NAS address, you’ll still be able to claim your NAS reward in subsequent weeks. We’ll send you another reminder to submit your information.

5. Please make sure you have ownership of your listed mainnet NAS address. Nebulas claims no responsibility of any loss caused by personal mistakes.

About Nebulas:

Nebulas is a new generation public blockchain, aiming at a continuously improving ecosystem.

1. Value Ranking

To enable value discovery in blockchain, Nebulas Rank measures multidimensional data in the blockchain world and powers the decentralized search framework.

2. Self-evolution

To avoid the damage caused by forking to the blockchain, Nebulas Force enables rapid iteration and upgradability to its blockchain without the need for hard forks.

3. Native incentives

With forward-looking incentive and consensus mechanisms, the Nebulas Incentive rewards developers and users who contribute to the sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.

About the Nebula 1.0 Eagle Nebula Mainnet

The Nebula 1.0 Eagle Nebula mainnet has all the features of Ethereum and surpasses the second-generation blockchain in several ways:

· Nebulas is developer-friendly and supports the use of JavaScript to write smart contracts and DApps, making it easier for anyone to get started building in blockchain;

· Nebulas is the only blockchain that implements the world-renown LLVM compiler, features superior performance through concurrent technology, with a transaction processing capability of 2000TPS;

· Nebulas is more secure, stable, and has strong expandability. It also provides novel measures to invoke smart contracts and upgrade protocols.


· 1) Nebulas Foundation reserves the right of final decision on the interpretation of this Incentive Program.

· 2) During the implementation of the Incentive Program, the Nebulas team reserves the right to adjust the reward settings, selection criteria and DApp ranking algorithm in accordance with the actual operation conditions;

· 3) Bonuses will be issued in the form of NAS. Nebulas will not be responsible for any changes in the price of NAS caused by the market;

· 4) Nebulas is entitled to disqualify any participants found to be in violation of the laws and regulations of the Incentive Program and/or infringing on the rights of others;

· 5) Bonuses that cannot be issued due to rules and other reasons are reserved by Nebulas for the ecosystem development of the Nebulas community;

· 6) All taxes related to rewarded income, if any, are your sole responsibility;

· 7) In no event will Nebulas be liable to you for any direct, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages;

· 8) You grant Nebulas the necessary intellectual property and use of personal information for the implementation and advertising of this Incentive Program for free;

· 9) You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Nebulas Foundation harmless from any claims, injuries, damages, expenses or losses of their users.

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:




Twitter: @nebulasio



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