What Nebulas Research Team Says About Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper

What is Nebulas Rank?

A lot of people know of Nebulas Rank as the value measurement system of the blockchain world but actually it is more than that. Nebulas Rank can be powerful enough to influence the whole blockchain industry as well as the people working in it.

On June 30, 2018, Nebulas Research Institute (NRI) officially released the Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper (hereinafter referred to as “the Yellow Paper”). Nebulas Rank is the first value measurement standard of multidimensional data, and is likely to incubate new industry breakthroughs and explore new markets.

What does the Yellow Paper mean to Nebulas? What positive influence does it have on the whole blockchain world? And who is the author of the Nebulas Rank Yellow Paper? With all these questions, we interviewed the Nebulas Research Team.

Why is it called the Yellow Paper? I believe this is a common question from those accustomed to the White Paper. Since the color yellow usually signifies importance and urgency, it was decided that it was a fitting color to represent the Nebulas Rank, which plays a significant role in the research plan of Nebulas Research Institute. Hence the name, “the Yellow Paper”. With this, Nebulas Research Team hopes that readers can pay more attention to the background, content and practical significance of Nebulas Rank. Dr. Zaiyang Tang of Nebulas Research Institute also said that apart from the White Paper and Yellow Paper, Nebulas may also publish “the Mauve Paper” and “the Green Paper”.

Let us look at it in terms of the background of “the Yellow Paper”. Currently, the blockchain world lacks a value measurement system which is self-adaptive, meaning it has the ability to adapt to its development. For example, in many different scenarios, a user might not be sure what kind of value they need, and there is no value measurement standard they can refer to.

The development path of Nebulas is like an infinite extensive line, on which there are several key points: the release of the White Paper, the launch of the mainnet, the release of the Yellow Paper, as well as the release of the Mauve Paper, the Green Paper and future release of version 3.0. These critical points connect the past and the future of Nebulas. “The release of the Yellow Paper is a step of our schedule,” Dr. Tang said. “As early as the establishment of Nebulas, we have had a clear framework and design of Nebulas Rank.”

Since the release of Nebulas Rank, a lot of people have given their vivid descriptions of it, such as “ruler”, ”weights” and “measurement”, etc. Dr. Congming Chen of Nebulas Research Institute expressed the team’s delight that Nebulas Rank has attracted the attention of so many, musing the proverb, “there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”. Despite the vastly different descriptions, one thing is certain: the core of Nebulas Rank is its value measurement system.

Nebulas, just like its namesake, aims to transform dust and dreams into bright, shining beacons and be a star in the blockchain world, based on our past, present and future efforts.

As for the positive influence of Nebulas Rank, the leader of Nebulas Research Team, Dr. Xuepeng Fan, has his own unique understanding. Dr. Fan graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, served as a visiting scholar of University of California, San Diego, and was a researcher from Microsoft Research Asia and Megvii. He said to compare the current blockchain industry to a growing baby — it lacks hearing, touch and vision. This is where Nebulas Rank steps in — it provides a human hearing, touch and vision. With Nebulas Rank, this baby has the potential for more possibilities in higher dimensions, and these possibilities may show future development.

From the Yellow Paper, we can see the diligence of Nebulas research team. Currently, there are 8 members in Nebulas Research Team, and they hope more talents can join them in the future. Most of the research team members are PhD holders from established universities, local and abroad, and they have rich experience in the blockchain industry. A team member said,“Blockchain is a fast-growing, new industry, and past achievements do not represent flowers and applause in the future. Only by doing research in a down-to-earth manner and providing valuable achievements for the industry can we win respect.”

Some netizens commented that the release of Nebulas value measurement standard is a small step forward for Nebulas and a huge leap in the development of the entire blockchain industry. Admittedly, the development of the blockchain industry is not smooth sailing and sometimes there will be detours. “What we have done is to help everyone to take fewer detours. “ This is the consensus among the members of the Nebulas Research Team.

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