Why I Love Nebulas — Part 1: JavaScript!

How many of you remember Netscape Navigator 2.0? Well, I sure do! Honestly, as a grand leap in the evolution of the World Wide Web, it was magical!

As one of its key features, this browser introduced JavaScript! By changing how we navigate the World Wide Web, JavaScript shaped the evolution of the internet!

Without a doubt, JavaScript is truly a versatile language. Today, all web browsers have engines that are designed for the high performance execution of JavaScript. Not only is it a core component for nearly every website and most web servers, JavaScript is even used for gaming on many platforms!

Of course, there’s a very good reason for mass adoption!

JavaScript programming language is easy to learn, simple to use, and there’s no compiling, and better yet, one language can be used for an entire project!

Considering how influential JavaScript has been in the creation of our interconnected world, it’s no surprise that JavaScript is now leading the way to a decentralized internet — the next level of internet innovation!

And yes, you probably guessed it; the Nebulas Blockchain intends to assist with this ambitious goal!

To virtually eliminate the learning curve for decentralized applications, Nebulas intentionally chose JavaScript as its first programming language for Smart Contract development. Notice that I said “first language” because in the future, Nebulas will support many languages!

By using JavaScript, modest web designers, seasoned NodeJS, and even Java developers feel right at home with Nebulas.

In literally weeks, the Nebulas platform went from 0 to over 6000 deployed DApps — averaging over 15,000 transaction per day and nearly one million in 24 hours! And, at the time of this writing, Nebulas is fast approaching the quarter million mark for accounts on the mainnet blockchain! With so many applications and users utilizing the Nebulas platform, Nebulas far exceeds the daily usage of any other blockchain platform (yes, even Ethereum).

These statistics tell us what the founders of Nebulas believed from the very start; if a blockchain platform is easy to build upon and it rewards DApp developers (instead of miners), the masses will flock to it!

While Nebulas is honored to be the first platform for many new blockchain developers, Nebulas is equally proud to be the last platform a seasoned developer will ever need!

Developers of all levels — Thank You!

Global adoption; Here we come!


This article was created by contributing writer Dustin K. who is a proud Nebulas Ambassador. The ideas expressed may or may not reflect the views of the Nebulas core team.

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