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Interview with Nebulas Team Series # 2

Look them in the eyes, to know that they’re the right people……

In the year of 2018, a lot of public chain projects arise as blockchain technology further develops, and many people begin to work in this field. Human resources are definitely the most valuable asset in technology development, and this is true in blockchain industry too.

Nebulas is among the first public chain projects to release mainnet in China. And there are a lot of amazing people joining Nebulas, including the excellent Ph.Ds from the famous universities at home and abroad, personnel with rich experience in tech and finance, as well as enthusiasts of blockchain, etc. Then how does Nebulas attract them to join? This video may give you the answer. Watch now:

In this video, members of Nebulas team share their opinions on why they choose Nebulas among various public chain projects. Here are the reasons of them.

Ph.D Samuel Chen (Chief Architect of Nebulas): I have general understanding of other blockchain projects and among these projects I think that Nebulas vision is what attracts me the most.

Ph.D Jinbo Zhang (Nebulas Research Institute visiting scholar): I think that this is a startup driven by technology.

Ph.D Jingchang Sun (Nebulas Research Institute intern): I’m a PhD student at Tsinghua University, and I have previously done research on blockchain technology.

Larry Wang (Nebulas Mainnet Core Developer): A lot of Nebulas concepts including NF, NR, NIP, are very forward-looking.

Ph. D Yulong Zeng (Senior Researcher of Nebulas Research Institute): Blockchain in itself is attractive, and Nebulas is being one of the leaders in the blockchain field. That’s why I decided to join Nebulas Research Institute.

Ph. D Zaiyang Tang (Senior Researcher of Nebulas Research Institute): I believe in working with the right people to do the right things. And I found that the people at Nebulas are very passionate about their work.

Neal Wen (Nebulas Marketing Manager): Being part of Nebulas team is truly amazing.

This is all about the second video of interviewing with Nebulas team, we will soon publish the third one. Stay tuned!

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website: Nebulas.io
Github: github.com/nebulasio/go-nebulas
Slack: nebulasio.herokuapp.com
Telegram(EN): t.me/nebulasio
Twitter: @nebulasio