Winners of Nebulas NOVA Developer Incentive Program AMA

On January 11 from 11am to 12pm (GMT+8) the Nebulas team held a live Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) on Nebulas Community Forum, on the topic of “Nebulas Developer Incentive Program on Nebulas NOVA Testnet”. Nebulas founder Hitters Xu and Nebulas Research Institute director Dr. Xuepeng Fan gave a detailed explanation about this program and answered the most frequently asked questions from community members. This AMA was warmly welcomed by community members, and many asked very good questions as well as giving us excellent suggestions. According to the rules released before, the Nebulas team will select several community members who gave constructive suggestions, and reward them 5 NAS each as a token of appreciation.

The prize winners are:

  • satoshibytes
  • m5j
  • starkstay
  • Mista-Mist
  • JakubNY
  • Michel

Congratulations to the above prize winners! To get NAS rewards, these prize winners need to leave their contact information (email address) below their questions raised in our forum. Click here to check the AMA page on our Nebulas community forum.

Our dear community members, please do not lose heart if you don’t get NAS reward this time. The Nebulas team will hold such events on our Community Forum on a regular basis. Anyone who actively takes part in the events and puts forward constructive questions and suggestions, will have the chance to win NAS rewards! If you miss our online activity, you can still leave messages on our forum.

You’re welcome to join us and make your contributions, together let’s build a healthy and sustainable Nebulas ecosystem !

Learn more about Nebulas:

Official website:
Twitter: @nebulasio