Four Ways for Funders to Amplify Your Nonprofit Partners this Year-End

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2 min readOct 15, 2020


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With Giving Tuesday and year-end giving campaigns both around the corner, the time to amplify your nonprofit partners is, well, right now.
With charitable giving down due to a global pandemic and the resulting economic uncertainties, it is more important than ever for funders to leverage their influence on behalf of their grantee partners.

Here are four ways to help amplify your nonprofit partners this year:
1. Get out early. Giving Tuesday — this year set for Tuesday, Dec. 1 — is a crowded day. Start amplifying your organizations through an intentional marketing communications campaign the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday for maximum impact.

2. Provide donors with options. Highlighting multiple funding opportunities to prospective donors increases donor engagement and allows donors to feel a
personal connection with an organization, rather than giving to an umbrella fund. NeedsList’s ConnectLocal software allows funders to highlight multiple
organizations under a single, branded campaign.

3. Cut through the noise. Use compelling and personal storytelling to highlight the impact your partner organizations have made this past year. We’ve seen success when funders activate the power of their networks. Think creatively in this season about how you can use your relationships to elevate the work and spread the word about what your partners are doing.

4. Make it easy. For funders supporting multiple nonprofit organizations, streamline your efforts by bringing all of your giving opportunities together through a coordinated campaign and platform. ConnectLocal’s public-facing software solution is user-friendly, easy to share through social media, and allows direct fundraising with zero fees.

The RefugeesLead campaign on NeedsList’s ConnectLocal platform

Our team recently partnered with Open Society Foundations, Asylum Access, Amnesty International, and others to host their #RefugeesLead giving campaign to raise funds for refugee-led organizations. This same platform can be used by funders to develop customized, curated crowdfunding campaigns that increase participation and equity in philanthropy.

These four steps can help position funders as champions of their nonprofit partners and increase engagement in charitable giving when community-led nonprofits need it most –right now.




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