Five features that make NEEMATIC FR/1 exceptional

We started with one idea in mind — to build an all terrain machine that exceeds the expectations. Here’s how it does.

Powerful mid-drive motor

Hub motors do perform on paved roads, but for the off-road riding we had to get rid of unsprung mass in the rear wheel. The mid-drive motor is placed at swing arm pivot point and delivers top suspension performance as well as low center of gravity and right weight distribution. Made possible by unique frame architecture.

The drivetrain delivers 15 kW peak power output, 80 km/h top speed and astounding acceleration.

Best in class suspension

FR/1 is equipped with award winning, best in class FOX shocks with adjustable compression and rebound. With 203 mm front and 200 mm rear travel you can handle massive jumps.

Advanced tech battery pack

NEEMATIC runs on the latest tech lithium-ion 2.2 kWh battery pack. It delivers up to 100 km range and empowers the motor for the maximum torque. Fully charged in 2.5 hours.

The first FR/1 series will come with easy to remove and replace battery pack. Besides convenient charging, this will allow transporting NEEMATIC on a bicycle rack (without the battery).

Two driving modes — twist throttle and super-pedal-assist

Throttle control mode activates the twist throttle like you have on a motorcycle. FR/1 stands out with instant and smooth acceleration, and combined with adjustable regenerative braking, this mode provides you with an incredible control of your bike. Most suitable for riding in speedy tracks or more technical segments.

Super-pedal-assist mode uses electric motor to deliver additional power when you push the pedal down. The feeling is nothing like what you’ve ever experienced — have you ever pedaled something to go as fast as a motorcycle? Truly fun way to drive the bike, it feels like you are much more involved in riding the bike and also lets you have some exercise. Works best for trail riding.

Regenerative braking + Hope Tech 3 V4 brakes

Riders enjoy the motorcycle-style regenerative braking, when motor reduces speed if throttle is being released. It is fully adjustable, too.

Braking is further enhanced by Hope Tech 3 V4, hard hitting downhill brakes.

Pictures by Aiste Kirsnyte

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