Go further, faster

Dirt bikes are becoming endangered species. The noise, the look, the exhaust makes them increasingly unwelcome in most natural areas. But the dirt bike challenge is not an engine problem— besides the maintenance, storage, transportation, public image creates another set of hassles.

Mountain biking as a sport is increasing in popularity, in part due to getting more spotlight in social media. And rightfully so — mountain biking disciplines (especially downhill and freeride) are spectator friendly and easy to relate to as most people have ridden bicycles.

However, not everyone is able practice the kind of riding they would like to, and this is where electric bikes come into play. For some it allows to travel greater distances, climb mountains faster and easier for more descends, go faster in flats to make you feel as if you were riding down a hill. Electric bikes have already expanded horizons and quickly became very popular among both amateur and professional riders.

From the day we started, we knew — electric is completely new experience. It is beyond the technology shift, we need to shift the perception, too. NEEMATIC stands right between a dirt bike and a mountain bike, as a new category.

With electric drive we wanted to hit the spot where extreme off-road experience meets bicycle convenience.

For the motorcycle riders, NEEMATIC is the most versatile bike — silent, with bicycle look, can be easily parked and transported.

At the same time, we developed a two-wheeler that is beyond any pedelec type of offering. With 80 km/h top speed, 15 kW power, both twist throttle and pedal assist, massive jumps, NEEMATIC delivers an unparalleled experience.

We are blurring the line between categories. With electric drive you can ride light and fast, nimble yet powerful.