NEETCOIN Project announced new strategy called “NEET Fund”.

As written in last article,we have restructured ourselves and changed to new one. Then “NEET fund” will be one of core in whole project.

The following PDF is the content of “NEET Fund”.


We are planning to be a basis for supporting NEET(Not in Education, Employment or Training) with this “NEET Fund” strategy.

For that reason,we will support “food,clothing and shelter” for NEET, and sponsor support groups and organizations — “supporting organizations” -.
And on the other hand, we aim to become a foundation or NPO.

How we support activities for supporting these supporting organizations?
We use a system called “social node” that combines “lockup” and “donation”.

NEETCOIN is a cryptocurrency based with “Proof of Stakes(PoS)”, 
so that it will get staked coins periodically.

And we weill manage specific wallets called “lockup wallets” and put the coins that are staked and lockup those permanently.

Then we use those staked coins in lockup wallets as donation for supporting organizations.

And there was also mention about “realization of basic income with cryptocurrency” that was planned since NEETCOIN Project started.

For archiving this plan, we aim to become a foundation and to improve the values of NEETCOIN.
And we will keep these activities, — continue donations for contribution activities to society, achieving the listing in new exchanges (especially in Japan), and increasing the stores that accept NEETCOIN as payment.

As the current progress of “Neet Fund”, we aim to collaborate with “Second Harvest Japan”, that provides food for welfare institutions that is providing food for welfare facilities such as child care, maternal and child support, support for persons with disabilities, and people with poor quality, with the aim of building a food safety net in Japan.
And we are plannning to start a donation to them from April 2018.

SECOND HARVEST (Second Harvest Japan)
Second Harvest Japan is Japanese first food bank to take food loss (food loss) and deliver those to people.

Neat Fund Milestone (Extract from document)

【NEET Fund Milestone】
By the end of 2018:
Establish General Incorporated Association, General Incorporated Foundation or Nonprofit Corporation(NPO).
By the end of 2019:
Learn the know-how for food support business, then enter that field.
By the end of 2020:
Aim to become a general “Public Interest Incorporated Association” or “Public Interest Incorporated Foundation” that is authorized by Prime Minister, or “Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation”. (And this should be first case as blockchain project)
And archive to danate to 36 support organizations with Social Node.