NEETCOIN の年始め2019年~NEETCOIN’s start of the year 2019


Dear NEETCOIN Holder& Fan users.

2019 had starting, Happy coming new year. In Japan, zodiac signs are assigned every year. This year’s zodiac animal is the Boar.

Well, As you know, 2018 was a very bad situation for the Crypto world. I wish to the market make up new age, and I hope that will make a new better wind to Crypto world by that new powered market. Alright, it’s been a long time for doing new article, so my hand get lost string, I’d like get main story at hand.

We say the NEETCOIN Project in 2018 was so quiet. By becoming active we were afraid to die by receiving a suicide trap of bad market, Because our power is small and we are weak for a bad market.

“Speaking of why?” we have been through a lot.

At the starting of 2018, thanks to some listings and part of the ascent good market, it was a certain success for project. But, we get damage from some incidents. Coincheck made a incident of NEM in Q1, market get down then. and some Exchanges also made new incident. So the market get more down. As result, the major coin take a down till Q2 though, however Altcoin taken biggest damage in many market.

Also there is NEETCOIN original story. I have spoken that for a long time in the past, so I wanna omit that article. So in after a long discussion we decided to re-organize the team. In fact by that happens, the progress of our project got down speeds.

However, we heared to bad news everyday while doing the our net-radio during the re-organization. It’s a lot project was stop and give up. So, I couldn’t think that hibernating was bad. Sometimes it is important to wait for the storm to pass. If Dr.Crypto in here, maybe say “Take things easy for a few days until you get better.”. So, the NEETCOIN in the second half of 2018 was quiet. we not have to do anything reckless.

In conclusion, we got better step, then coming new year.

It is not certain whether the storm has left yet, but we are still alive. To put it more, it does not mean we are not doing anything.

It is new thing that tip-bot “Utiwa” was made by new good team though, we have also another plan. That is preparing to set up a corporation / organization. Although it is a corporation / organization that helps unemployed as promised, we will also work in the field outside Crypto world. So, this will be say a better step forward.

In addition, one more. we make also a new performance though, However wanna say in first. we don’t know result by that and good idea plan, good effects. On that we will try it. That is new listing to Exchange. that Exchange has any utilities. Even if everyone see there is not big trade values, we are looking forward to new actives by the new field. I’d note that details of exchange to secret though, it is not like the Binance.

And I’d like to put a mini info to you, I guess that will rebuild the our page. I guess so, because I’m often heard about renewal from team member. So if we will done it, you’d get new feeling when open our site in the future.

We are slowly grow up.

As written, we are could get condition that is alive coin, even if the bad market is situation. On Community coin, I think the important is community people, and the alive is important. So if even slow grow up, I wanna so. As result, I was think that we will get the new economy when the major market get grow to large.

We wish that in 2019, such a year will come. also we kindly hope your happy.

Sincerely, from team.


— 日本語





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