Restructuring and new strategy of NEETCOIN Project

nanna — CTO of NEETCOIN Project — announced about restructuring of team and community and new strecture of NEETCOIN project.CTO.

The following PDF is the full text.
*sorry,it’s japanese only.

Here is the table of contents

1: About the new structure
2: New Structure #1
3: New Structure #2
4: Public offering for new structure
5: “NEET Fund”
6: Clarification for project
7: Corporateization and food bank
8: Publicity such as Medium for overseas
9: Other projects
10: When is the new structure start? Goods?
Voices from admin nanna

NEETCOIN Project will be operated as new structure.
First of all we would like to increase participation of the general public.
And would like to create more open situation against the voices “it’s unclear” that we have heard in the process of project management.

We will change our structure with focusing this point. The community will remain on Discord as before.

we established “Departments” for each kind of the activity.
These functions of “Departments” are kind like committee or club that opened for general participants.

And here is the Departments that were established this time.

“Planning department” … invent, propagate, planning department
“Service Department” … Department of shop settlement introduction, listing, sales etc. (some advertisement)
“Food Department” … Department of Food Bank Relations
“Radio Department” … Radio management · operation part
“Development Department” … Department of people currently undergoing development
“Corporating Department” … Department thinking about incorporation (This department does not require general participation)
Seasonal or spot parts are as follows.
“BBQ Department” … the section that carries out early summer BBQ
※ Goods creation etc. will also be added if it occurs.

Although there are also a limited-time section and a section not requesting general participation, basically it will become a form that everyone will participate and participate in it.

5: “NEET Fund”
7: Corporateization and food bank

“Neet Fund” and “Incorporation” — which will be some of core parts of NEETCOIN Project — were also announced at same time. 
I would like to post another articles about these 2 parts.

At last of this article I quote a passage of nanna’s words.

Someone might think our project as charitable work, and it’s correct. if we say “working for NEET”,it will become such a kind.
Perhaps I might have been trying to solve it beautifully and smartly.
We will move forward with our project with thinking about not only the value as cryptocurrency but also our project’s position in society.
Those thoughts help to rise the social status and value of our coin.
We may ask about how we move forward in public,then we’d appreciate if you would give us some idea.