3月上旬の経過報告~The progress report on start of March.


Dear NEETCOIN Holder& Fan users.

I’m happy to report this time and I thank to continue to Holders. Already it gone to 2 month from previous article. This project are still no bad condition even market big down so I guess many holder been calm down. We are not a project to pursue profits, but I’m happy about that.

I’d like to focus few thing and to report in progress at this time.

The progress for the establishment of a corporation.

It’s little of Holder though, did ask me. “Is the establishment of a corporation truly or lie?” I can’t understand that question target a meaning though, I’d to answer in public. In simply answer is “True”.

We are announced in past that to be 2 organize groups. One Estonia group for manage coin, one Japan for active of social. This is true. In this time, I’d to the report as to focus to Japan organization. Because other one org is simply management only.

In first, There is “Why do we wait long time?”, as FAQ. As they said, still in progress in a status. So I’d like to say answer for that.

Our Japanese organization company is applying to Tokyo. It is not an ordinary corporation. We are applying to Tokyo as an organization for social activities, and it takes time to review in Tokyo. In the first story, it was said to be three months. We are spending 1 to 2 months for application documents, so the plan will be around six months. And curently is 4 month.
So I guess the remain is around 2 month.

As for this, the Legal Affairs Office also cooperates. So I believe there is nothing to worry about, but since there are many people in Tokyo, we should be waiting.

What was evaluated as a strong community

NEETCOIN Project was evaluated as a strong Japanese community from several overseas sites. If that meaning is alive a long time and active for a long time, surely it no wrong.

Thanks for the Rank5

We understand that some of them are not that big situation site. But If there were only hundreds of people who agree with it in that case Even so I’d like to say my gratitude.

Even if we do not emphasize profits, the people like it, so we can’t not deny do. In my idea, The Freedom is also the decentralize element.

Request for listing from several exchanges

Although not all, there were also SCAM exchanges for most of the transaction volume. Besides that, it is more anger than fear that they makes listing fees. Such a business breaks this industry. ( I don’t want to say “the business” to that. )

In 2018, the true project was damaged by many SCAM. As a result, the industry is sluggish. As idiot result, scammer will also be affected. If scammer does the same in 2019, the industry may broken.

Even a high rank Exchanges there has some lie, so we can not deny everything, but it is important that we have look it right.

NEETCOIN’s trading volume is not large, but I’m think better that there is one another exchange.

Recruitment of radio listener/speaker and technology developers

No matter how many people this is, it is best if enjoyed it. However there is some conditions. I guess who heard the radio knows, but it is done in Japanese. So joiner need a Japanese skill. Also a salary does not exist.

The career and pleasant memories are rewards.
In other words, it’s instead of no forcing, I’m seeking autonomy.

I know that it is a tough condition, but there are already people gathered under that condition.

Addition, The caster has giveaway a bit NEET by tipobot for listener in every time. The radio in Japanese though, there is worth a bit.

Adjust web page

We are planning to complete it by when the establishment of the aforementioned corporation.

Sincerely, from team.

— 日本語












Thanks for the Rank5

それらがそれほど大きなサイトではないことを知っています。 しかし、その場合で、それに同意する人がほんの数百人しかいなかったとしてもそれでも私は感謝の意を表したいと思います。