We made a corporation in Tokyo. This company is social welfare corporation and The Tokyo government office certified us. — 東京に法人を設立し、社会福祉の為の法人として認可


Dear NEETCOIN Holder& Fan users.

Thanks for patiently waiting a long. At this April, we made the corporation/company for Japan. As know, we already have Estonia organization however our coin issued in Japan so we was want make organization in Japan. So we are feel glad now.

The corporation is no normal company like Ltd. This company is social welfare corporation (NPO) and The Tokyo government office certified us. That means is Tokyo allowed our company for social welfare activation. So it took half a year to establish it.

At below is part of certification document.

The company includes social welfare for NEETs. It is different from one that emphasizes only profit. In other word, we are thinking that have to focus a like a government help method. For that, we are need some planning when we will do action to anything for a governance. So anyone seem look that we action has slowly, but that will be sure step by step.

This is just a announces. we got guess have to announce for everyone waited in a long time.

Now, we are on new start point. And there is a lot to do.

For beginning, make a ground as an new step and then proceed.
We guess it to be simple report, however we will report progress next month.

Sincerely, from team.

— 日本語