Brett, Computer Magic, & Chad Valley electrified Bottom of the Hill!


Brett performing at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday, February 18th, 2017 (Credit: Tommy Emick)

On February 18, the electronic-and-pop-influenced Brett, Computer Magic, and Chad Valley electrified San Francisco’s musically-minded pub, Bottom of the Hill, with gracious and energetic performances.

Each artist invited the audience to come say “Hi” at the merchandise table after the show and demonstrated separate ways of making use of the stage. Brett spread out and interacted through facing each other while performing, then turning back to the audience. Computer Magic was the most dynamic with lead singer and producer Danielle Johnson (dressed in a mock astronaut jumpsuit) navigating each portion of the stage, reaching toward the audience, and, briefly, stepping down to the floor of the venue. Chad Valley featured the best lighting (artist and singer Hugo Manuel set up two triangle-shaped tube lights, which reacted to the beat of the music) and brought a guest singer to perform one song with him on-stage. The Saturday night concert closed with each group’s’ energy still abuzz in the venue’s atmosphere, strangers milling about excitedly in the pub — some leaving and some just having kick-started their evening out.

Bottom of the Hill sign (Credit: Tommy Emick)


Photo-set of Brett performing and putting away their equipment (Credit: Tommy Emick)

Computer Magic

Photo-set of Computer Magic performing (Credit: Tommy Emick)

Chad Valley

Photo-set of Chad Valley performing (Credit: Tommy Emick)

If you want to see what the performances were like, there are links to two amateur-quality videos below!

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