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Automating the Nefertiti trading bot

This is part 2 in a series of articles on the Nefertiti trading bot. If you don’t know what Nefertiti is or does, please refer to part 1 in this series.

Starting with Nefertiti 0.0.8, you can now trade on more than one market pair with a single click. Here is an example Automator script that does just that:

Please note the above script is macOS only, but it should be relatively easy to translate to other platforms.

Here’s the breakdown of what the above script does:

Great, but how do I execute the above script?


Please note that you should need to execute this script only once. The buy bot will keep running until you reboot your device (or force quit the bot).

One more thing

While you’re welcome to automate the bot, starting with version 0.0.144 there is no need for the above script. If you want to trade all of the available markets, you can do this:

./nefertiti buy

The above command-line translated to this: “buy the dip on every ETH-paired market on Bittrex, except for markets where the volume is less than 1 BTC per 24 hour, pay 0.05 ETH for one order, and re-scan for supports every other hour”.


While Nefertiti is unsupported software, you’re welcome to join our Telegram bot if you need assistance.


Nefertiti is freeware. But if the bot is making you money, then I’d appreciate a BTC donation here:


Your donation will improve the bot and keep this project moving forward. Thanks!


Investing in crypto is high risk. Even though this bot follows a relatively safe strategy, you should never feed it money you cannot afford to loose. Use at your own risk.



Nefertiti is a FREE crypto trading bot that follows a safe but proven strategy; buy the dip, then sell those trades as soon as possible.

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