Stefan van As
Feb 15, 2018 · 3 min read

This is part 2 in a series of articles on the Nefertiti trading bot. If you don’t know what Nefertiti is or does, please refer to part 1 in this series.

The #1 question we receive in our Telegram group is: “what is this argument named agg and how do I determine where to set this to?”. Apparently, aggregating the public order book is a complex concept.

When you aggregate the public order book, you’re in essence compressing it into a smaller set of (limit) buy orders. Nefertiti then executes a TOP 4 query on the compressed data.

Unfortunately, aggregating the public order book is not an exact science. That being said, we’re happy to introduce auto-agg with Nefertiti 0.0.8

Awesome! How does auto-agg work?

You simply omit the argument namedaggfrom your command-line altogether. It is that dead simple. Nefertiti will then try and calculate the aggregation level for you.

Wait, why does an argument named agg still exist then?

Nefertiti makes an educated guess but no software is perfect. Experienced traders will probably want to fine-tune the trading bot for themselves. That is why agg (and many other optional arguments) are here to stay. Or goal is still to make Nefertiti as simple as possible and with the introduction of auto-agg we believe we’re closer to that than before.

Cool, what else does Nefertiti 0.0.8 for me?

auto-agg opens a lot of exciting possibilities. For one, you can now trade on more than one market pair with a single click. Here is an example Automator script that does just that:

(please note the above script is macOS only, but it should be relatively easy to translate to other platforms)

Here’s the breakdown of what the above script does:

  1. Prompt for API and Pushover keys, then
  2. Enumerate over all the market pairs available for trading, then
  3. Single out the ETH market pairs (in other words: exclude the BTC market pairs), then
  4. Launch a new buy bot and start trading on every ETH-XXX market pair available.

Those with eagle eyes will probably notice a new argument named price. More on that below.

Great, but how do I execute the above script?

  1. Save the script as in the same folder as where the Nefertiti executable is, then
  2. Open Terminal and enter this:

Please note that you should need to execute this script only once. The buy bots will keep running until you reboot your device (or force quit the bots).

Wait, what is this new argument named price?

price and size are mutually exclusive. When you include size, then you’re telling Nefertiti how many of the base coins you want to buy. Unfortunately, this is not compatible with the above script.

A new argument price to the rescue. When you include price (not size) then you’re telling Nefertiti how much of the quote currency you’re willing for pay for a single order.

Here’s an example. Suppose you’re happy with paying an average of €10 on a single order, and let us assume ETH is priced at €200. Trading in ETH-XXX market pair(s) would then require --price=0.05


While Nefertiti is unsupported software, you’re welcome to join our Telegram bot if you need assistance.


Nefertiti is freeware. But if the bot is making you money, then I’d appreciate a BTC donation here:


Your donation will improve the bot and keep this project moving forward. Thanks!


Investing in crypto is high risk. Even though this bot follows a relatively safe strategy, you should never feed it money you cannot afford to loose. Use at your own risk.


Nefertiti is a FREE crypto trading bot that follows a safe but proven strategy; buy the dip, then sell those trades as soon as possible, preferably on the same day.

Stefan van As

Written by

Delphi/Rust/Go developer. Ethereum consultant. Embarcadero MVP. Ex-Adobe, Macromedia. Helped build 1Password.


Nefertiti is a FREE crypto trading bot that follows a safe but proven strategy; buy the dip, then sell those trades as soon as possible, preferably on the same day.

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