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Nefertiti’s multiplier

This is part 7 in a series of articles on the Nefertiti trading bot. If you don’t know what Nefertiti is or does, please refer to part 1 in this series.

Nefertiti sells your trades at a default 5% profit. There is nothing wrong with that.

In our Telegram group, we sometimes get asked about how to configure the 5% profit. Here’s how. The sell bot supports an optional argument named --mult. This argument is the multiplier and it defaults to 1.05 (aka 5 percent).

Should you be interested in a 3% profit (instead of the default 5% profit), then you will probably want to do this:

If you are running the stop-loss strategy, then there is another multiplier for you. --stop is the distance between the price your trade got executed at, and where the stop-loss order is. This argument defaults to 0.90 (aka 90 percent). Should you want to step out sooner then you will probably want to do do this:

Nefertiti is freeware. But if the bot is making you money, then I’d appreciate a BTC donation here:


Your donation will improve the bot and keep this project moving forward. Thanks!

Disclaimer: investing in crypto is high risk. Never spend money on crypto you cannot afford to loose. Use crypto bots at your own risk.



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