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Neftify Raises at a $15M Valuation

Building the platform that guilds are built on

Publicacion en espanol: Neftify recaudó una valoración de $15 Millones

Earlier this January, Neftify closed its first raise at a $15M valuation in a seed round led by Infinity Ventures Crypto with several other firms, including Petrock, Definitive Capital, 8186, and Digital Strategies.

What is Neftify?

Neftify launched in September 2021 as a platform for crowdsourcing game assets and loaning them to players. It enables anyone to deposit their play-to-earn NFTs to a shared pool and earn interest from gameplay rewards generated by borrowers (players) utilizing them. Since then, platform AUM has grown bootstrapped to over 1,000 assets, 300 players, and 60 lenders.

What comes next?

Neftify’s next milestone is adapting its current offering to serve as a platform for anyone looking to launch their own guild. This product decision was informed by countless conversations with owners and managers expressing their frustration with the current state of running a gaming guild. The lack of an alternative for non-custodial guild ownership leaves owners spending a lot of time and resources using different tools to manage day-to-day operations — often resorting to stitching disparate systems and tools together manually. We want to eliminate the need for external wallet management, self-custody, and costly on-chain transactions, and make running a guild accessible to a mass-market audience. This will accelerate the growth of the number of play-to-earn guilds in the space and drive adoption amongst players, which is inline with our mission to make participation in the metaverse economy accessible to everyone.


We are looking at expanding our team, and all funds raised will aid us in positioning ourselves in anticipation of more game developers implementing ownable assets within their titles with NFTs as the mechanism. There isn’t much else to cover, and work has already begun to ship the next iteration of product. For more information on Neftify, visit the website or join the community Discord. If you have any questions, shoot them over in the #lounge channel, and we will answer them shortly.

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Ernesto Ojeda

Ernesto Ojeda

Industrial Engineer@UPRM | Co-founder@Neftify