Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls Performed Two Great Shows In Switzerland

Last Sunday, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls came back to Switzerland after two and a half years of absence, hitting first Zurich and two days later, Lausanne. Did you miss? No sweat! I was at both shows and here’s how they went down.

Image by Stephanie Sonderegger

The British group was touring with two other bands, Xylaroo (UK) and PUP (Canada). Unfortunately, due to me not being organized, I missed on the first show of Xylaroo, the first time, but when I went to the one in Lausanne, I did see them! Their folky sound and beautiful voices together melted into a pot of sweetness and overall prettiness. Everything was on point; their looks, the melodies and the guitars that you just had to fall in love with those girls and I did.

PUP in Zurich. Image by Stephanie Sonderegger

Next on stage was PUP, now I might be biased because I’ve been following them for a long time. I was just so impatient to see them live that even if they had played poorly, I would’ve still adored it. BUT, they didn’t play bad, and they rocked the shit out of the venue. And, at both shows. I would even say that it was better in Lausanne! People were more into it and seemed to know them whereas, in Zurich, it was clear that people came down to see Frank Turner… I even brought my mom to the show in Lausanne and she 100% approved them, which means a lot. Just saying that if you’re not into PUP by now, Y’all should jump on the boat because the ride is pretty fun, to be honest!

Frank Turner in Zurich. Image by Stephanie Sonderegger

Following all the beautiful people that had come up on stage, it was finally time for Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls to start! The show in Zurich was crazy. I have to say that I wasn’t expecting that many people and this much energy from the crowd on a Sunday night. He started by saying “I know you guys are trying to be the best crowd of the tour” and finished with a “This feels like a hometown show and it’s one of the favorite shows I’ve ever played.”

His statements sum up pretty much the whole atmosphere of the Zurich performance! I was blown away by the quality of the musicians and Frank’s beautiful voice; the overall sound was phenomenal. In comparison, the show in Lausanne felt more intimate and private. Like it was a privilege to be there and so close from them. The venues are very different, but the music that was invading them felt good and comforting.

Frank Turner is a real showman and deserves all the respect and success he’s been having all along in his career.