Last Sunday, The Amity Affliction stopped in Zurich to put up a show with three other bands. Lucky for you, I was there, and I’m going to tell you all about it.

Noémie Pascalin
Oct 18, 2018 · 3 min read

The night started with the band Dreamstate from Wales, UK. Their alternative sound got the crowd’s attention almost immediately. The breaking point was when CJay, the female vocalist and leader, started singing unclean parts and it was impressive! Her voice was dominant during the whole set, growled and clean parts. We definitely should keep an eye on this band with vast potential.

Endless Heights during their show in Dynamo, Zurich.

The second band to play was Endless Heights from Australia. Now I’m not sure what happened, but the crowd was dead. On top of everything, the bassist broke a string and barely played two songs which made the sound confusing. I just couldn’t get into them for some reason but I maybe missed out on something just because the overall atmosphere was not right at the moment.

The Plot In You during their set in Dynamo

The third band on stage was The Plot In You from the USA. The group was well expected from the crowd, but I feel like the set was so short that when the people were getting started, they had left the stage.

The show was very slow with a few of their older songs, but the most part was from their newer album. I’d not say I was disappointed. However, it got me feeling confused and unfulfilled.

The Amity Affliction during their set in Dynamo

And after all that waiting, it was finally time for The Amity Affliction to get up on stage. It was clear people came to see them especially. They started pretty easy with some new songs, and things got gradually higher and heavier throughout the whole set. Stuff went down (literally) at the start of Death’s Hand when they asked for a ‘wall of death’ that was formed in the middle of the crowd. The song kicks in, and people run into each other, thus far, nothing special until the moment we realize someone is not getting back up on their feet. Everyone started asking the band to cut the music so we could take charge of this young man covered in his blood. Security immediately came down and checked him out, at this time, a girl approached a friend and me, she was in shock, covered in other’s people blood. We sat her down until the security took charge of her as well. After 10 minutes of terror and chaos, the show started again with the same energy but you know, safer for everyone…

They ended it shortly after that incident but everybody was happy, and maybe it was better this way! Overall a spectacular show they put up and they showed everyone that they’re still dominant in the game!

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Noémie Pascalin

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Swiss online magazine for culture with quality. Est. 2010.

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