Drinking Hot Water at Work

Illustrated by Lucia Soto

A few weeks ago I started drinking hot water (just plain hot water) at the office instead of the customary tea or coffee. Since I began with it (at first just trying to make a joke) I got totally hooked. Later I found out a couple of colleagues were doing the same since forever and I couldn’t believe why no more people were paying attention to the incredibly functional features this hot drink has to offer.

Really, if hot water was a new designed product I think people would go nuts for it, you’ll see…


Getting hot water from a kettle is way way faster than preparing a coffee or waiting for a tea to brew. No extra steps, just pour the liquid into your favourite mug and walk away with a hot drink in your hands. Time is money.


If you’re lucky enough to have access to clean water and a way to boil it fast you’re ready to enjoy hot water for the rest of your life. No more empty boxes of tea, no more runs to the corner shop after finding that sketchy pint of spoiled milk on a Monday morning. No more waste either from all the used teabags, dirty coffee filters and empty bottles of milk.


If your comforting cup of hot water wasn’t enough, well, just go and get another one! It won’t make you jumpy or flood your blood stream with sugar. You can pretty much drink as many cups of hot water as you want (I mean, if you drink six litres you’ll surely die but it well serves you right).


Do you know that crappy feeling of forgetting a tea or a coffee for ten minutes to then realise it went too cold? No worries, cold hot water is still water, you can drink it if you fancy or use it to water a plant and get a new cup for you right after. No remorse for your slip, it was just water.


Did you just spill a few drops of hot water over the fancy carpet, your new shirt or a paper document? No problem at all, just let them dry and go to your next meeting like nothing happened. Try that with an espresso!


Do you feel a lot like a hot drink but you just brushed your teeth after lunch? Not a big deal if hot water is your choice. It won’t ruin your freshness.


Mugs of hot water don’t get dirty (just the rim a bit if you’re using lipstick). This means you can easily reuse the same mug for a full day of hot drinks. You also don’t need to mess up with spoons because there’s nothing to mix. That’s two less items to wash per drink.


Sometimes a coffee is too strong or a tea didn’t brew long enough for your taste. Water however is always perfectly consistent and will forever deliver your demanding levels of tastelessness and elegancy.

Give it a try, you’ll love it.